64 thoughts on “We must secure a future for the Human race by annihilating the Batarians!”

  1. What would our cultures reaction be if aliens openly discriminated against different types of humans, breaking us up into different groups like different breeds of dog.

      • For arguments sake lets say they thought more highly of Europeans over Africans. It’s not some youtuber they are badmouthing, the media pisses itself when it come’s to criticizing Islam, this is an entire advanced interplanetary civilization.

  2. femshep voice just doesn’t work for me
    the throaty permapissed "i’m such a badass" attitude just gets grating after a while and she really tries too hard, whenever i hear her speak i don’t hear shepard i just hear "yep that’s a professional voice actor tryharding in a studio"
    maleshep sounding robotic and shit in ME1 sucks as well although he gets much better later

    • >maleshep sounding robotic and shit in ME1 sucks as well although he gets much better later
      Yes, Meer is shit in ME1, but he gets better and better in each game.
      Hale starts a little better than Meer in ME1 but never improves.

      • >Meer is shit in ME1
        nah, he’s great. big stupid jellyfish, all his dialogue with Saren, all his dialogue with Ash, all his dialogue with Toombs… he nails the important scenes even if he sounds a bit dumb in casual conversation.

    • depends on what it is and what you’re using it for
      like overload I usually go area because shielded enemies or mechs are often clustered together and you often don’t need the extra damage anyway, even a small chance of a group hit is worth it
      but with incinerate’s travel time I find it difficult to land group hits, plus that’s more of a high damage move so you want to squeeze out as much as possible
      I guess ask yourself if your main problem is crowd control or dps.

  3. Every member of the Alliance faculty is hereby obligated to ingest a daily quota Batarian DNA. If we swallow enough of their essence, Batarian reproduction rates will plummet, and Humanity will prevail!


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