44 thoughts on “We need to go back Ganker”

  1. I’m still mad they gave the best girl the worst route and that The only H scene with drills girl, she doesn’t even have her drills

  2. A recent KS thread had me trying the game. I wanted to experience what those anons felt, but it seemed to have a reverse effect. Took the Emi route and by the time we got into the relationship I couldn’t relate at all. I can’t see myself having this kind of interaction with a girl. I felt nothing.

    • >I can’t see myself having this kind of interaction with a girl. I felt nothing.
      Too real. I feel this way now. I loved it when I played it way back, and still do when I think about it, but I can’t insert as Hisao at all. Not enough autism, loathing and anxiety. I can’t enjoy it anymore so I just dwell in the memories.

    • oh we all played it when we were in our early 20s and hope was still an option. 10 years of being crushed by life and i dont even want to touch the game again because i know i won’t be able to relate at all now

  3. >Nearly a decade since I read K:S as my first VN and discovered my love for disabled girls
    >Only found 1 good cripplege romance since, all others are untranslated and probably still garbage

    • I know I am now. I’ve grown to hate 90% of all modern music, vidya and TV shows. I feel more disconnected every day. It’s kinda comfy in a way.

      • Is it weird that young people shit, while I’m not into it. it doesn’t piss me off as much when I was le born in le wrong generation teen/early 20 something year old

        • Not at all, you probably just have your shit together mentally more than I do.
          I don’t actively rage at any of it, but I do hate it. Hate new hip hop getting popular, hate new shows, hate new games and all the microtransactions and DLC they come with. I avoid it as much as I can.

          • >Hate new hip hop getting popular
            Mixed bag. All the mainstream stuff is Xanacy shite but there’s legit great artists out there but you’ve to dig for them
            >New shows
            I think this is something you can’t help as you get older, humour and repeatability is a generational thing
            >New games
            Ya, there is like maybe 3 if even that really get me a year, last year where I was like "There’s too many good games" was 2017 and then then, it was most squeals to stuff I’ve liked as a kid or teen

          • >there’s legit great artists out there but you’ve to dig for them
            Honestly? You’re probably right. I’ve always been super into rock and punk music so I’m probably just projecting my already-existing distaste for it onto the "newer" stuff.
            >last year where I was like "There’s too many good games" was 2017
            Damn, anon, it’s the same for me. Last time I actually bought a new game was in 2017/18, and they were all parts of series that I already liked.
            Games feel like they’ve genuinely gone to shit. It blows me away how it’s just expected that you’re not buying a full product these days. Shit’s broken? Eeeeugh, we’ll patch it.
            Unlockables? Fuck it, cut 85% of them off and sell it as DLC. And don’t forget your mega ultra HD preorder pack that may or may not include the actual fucking game.

          • I think they need need to stop rushing out games and if games are rushed out and janky, just release it. People are still playing N64 and PS2 games that had like a year long development

  4. >tfw crying alone in the dark late at night over fictional weeb girls

    Man it was a rough lonely time back then but I miss that feel for some reason

  5. Is the general still going on in Ganker I did have a good time with it in 2013 though. Helped me though a rough patch when I was in college and I knew I was gonna fail and I my parents would be disappointed in me

    • Yes, but I’m really unsure what they even do or talk about. I love the VN but what’s even left to justify a general?
      The Ganker threads are comfy though.


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