21 thoughts on “Well, Ganker?”

  1. Peter Turbo.
    >mega autist
    >eternally butthurt
    >just wants to make sandcastles all day
    >ends up carrying the entire Horus Heresy on his shoulders

  2. Seymour from FFX. He was a mutt made for the SJW points and "muh diversity" and he was basically mentally unstable through no fault of his own and pulled the biggest ER move of all time.

  3. Letho.
    Manipulated like most men end up from women, but only this time from the emperor, and then are the villain out of happenstance.

  4. I was 100% going to let Letho live right up to the moment he said I couldn’t kill him, just turned around and went full "what did you say to me bitch?"
    He was pretty ok and I can sympathize with him tho, if only he could’ve kept his mouth shut he would’ve lived.

    • Exactly. They should have let you have an option to fight him and not kill him. Just a sparring match, that ends in kind of a draw, proving him wrong, and then you both just walk away.


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