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  1. I wonder if they’ll keep ALttP/ ALBW Zelda for the next smash. she’s too good just to discard after one game. It would be nice to get Tetra and Toon Zelda, but we have Hyrule Warriors for that.

  2. Rex could make it in with his moveset from the game. Octoling for a rival of the Inklings ( is that right?). People want Geno that’s been in only one game and it was basically a Luma possessing a doll taking the guise of Geno. I still have memories of the game and even I think it’s a little mediocre. Your problem is with Square and unless SquareEnix works on the next smash brothers,expect anything.

    • with the recent slowdown on switch games, it’s hypothetical that Nintendo may be letting Sakurai rest for awhile until the next system is revealed. remember that Wii U/ 3DS was in development in 2012 and we’re approaching our sixth year for the switch (five years after launch)

  3. I want assist trophies, spirits, and mii fighters to have a bigger role in the game overall.

    So everyone’s favorite character can be an actual part of the game and they wouldn’t be bummed that they’re not an actual fighter

  4. Just port Ultimate, and put 100% of their resources into overhauling the online and online modes. Let me play squad strike and smashdown with friends online. Let me fight spirit battles co-op online.

  5. her hair thinning out rapidly lately. i am gonna to guess she is going to have a mental breakdown in the next few weeks and going to rehab. or she will die soon

  6. The next game is going to have to be a complete reset, a remake / re-release compilation, or an Ultimate: Definitive Edition.

    I expect 2 or 3.

  7. King Boo (Mario Games)
    Waluigi (Mario Games)
    Ahley and Red (Warioware)
    Midna (Zelda) maybe with wolflink
    Travis (No More Heroes)
    Viewtiful Joe
    Dracula (Castlevania)
    Alucard (Castlevania)
    Lynb (Fire Emblem)
    Krystal (Star Fox)
    Tails (Sonic)
    Chun Lee (Street Fighter)
    Mei (King of Fighters)
    Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
    Black Shadow (F-Zero)
    Chrono (Chrono Trigger)
    Isaac (Golden Sun)
    Amaterasu (Okami)
    Hades or Medusa (Kid Icarus)
    since there is Kazuya you could pick another tekken or soul calibur character

    • will they retire assist trophies?

      >Chrono (Chrono Trigger)
      how many licenses and negotiations would Nintendo have to go through for that?we haven’t had a new game in 25 years?

      • >how many licenses and negotiations would Nintendo have to go through for that?
        Basically the same as DQ, but unoriginally easier due to not having to deal with Sugiyama.

        >© 2017, 2020 ARMOR PROJECT/BIRD STUDIO/SQUARE ENIX All Rights Reserved. ©SUGIYAMA KOBO

        >© 1995, 2018 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
        Illustration: © 1995 BIRD STUDIO / SHUEISHA
        Story and Screenplay: © 1995, 2008 ARMOR PROJECT / SQUARE ENIX

        • On the subject of Sugiyama, do you think DQ will get more tracks in Smash or at least the orchestra versions now that Sugiyama passed away? Or do you think he found a way to ensure that the rights would still be hell even without him?

  8. -announce all on-launch newcomers in the first trailer, just dedicate teases and surprises for new game modes, mechanincs, and updates to the old characters.
    -announce all characters for each FPass at reveal, Sakurai can say that the order he mentioned is NOT the order they will be released so theres a degree of hype.
    -custom content workshop like RoA/Fraymakers. this fucking rosterhomosexualry bullshit HAS TO FUCKING STOP!

  9. There isn’t going to be a next game you brainlet, they will just rerelease the game every few years, probably with extra newcomers
    At best you can hope for is a "remaster"

    Massive games like this just become a rereleasable IP that people will continuously buy for $60 if it’s slapped with "remastered" and "with additional newcomers"

    • >Massive games like this just become a rereleasable IP that people will continuously buy for $60 if it’s slapped with "remastered" and "with additional newcomers"
      Okay so long as they promote certain assist trophies to characters and replace them with new ones they can keep doing it for all I care.

      • I could see it, hell, there’s some AT’d characters who could easily get functional replacements if needed:
        >Magnet Bomber or one of the other villain Bombers to replace Bomberman’s AT
        >A Shadow Android to replace Shadow’s AT
        >One of the robots from Mario Strikers to replace Waluigi’s AT
        >Matthew to replace Isaac’s AT
        >Starly to replace Starfy’s AT
        >MMZ Zero to replace MMX Zero’s AT

  10. I want them to try making a 3D fighter, like a modernized Power Stone with smash mechanics.
    After the insane roster of Ultimate what else can they really do but vary up the formula?
    I guess they could re-release the game with more characters but that would kind of suck.

      • >Is that seriously the best option you could think up for Kirby?
        It’s the easiest to create and makes sense hat goomba homosexual. Then again you want DARK METAKNIGHT AND DARK PIT in the same fucking game.


        • Why not go the extra mile and make Galacta Knight an Isabelle-tier newcomer? Echoes are a huge problem, and your lazy excuse doesn’t solve much at all.
          Can you outsiders stop pulling this strawman?
          True Bandana Deehomosexuals are a loud minority.

          • >your lazy excuse doesn’t solve much at all.
            Sure it does. Adds another antagonist that doesn’t look like baby shit. Him being a clone or an echo depends on how lazy Sakurai is. The alt costume we have just isn’t enough considering his wings and weapon + shield.

      • Bosses should be reserved for characters that are actually too big to be characters.

        >Andross – SF 64 version
        >Porky or Giygas
        >DJ Octavio

        Basically bosses for series that need classic mode final bosses instead of Master Hands which is a lot of them.

      • I know it’s a popular meme to shit on geno but I genuinely wouldn’t mind seeing him as a fully fledge Character. I remember seeing talk about people wanting him for well over a decade as well.

  11. Characters I hope return:
    >Piranha Plant

    Newcomers I hope to see:
    >Shy Guy, Whomp, Koopa Troopa (Mario)
    >Slime (Dragon Quest)
    >Leif, Tiki, Arvis, Norne (Fire Emblem) [Norne is a literal never-ever]
    >Terra, Exdeath, Cid Raines (Final Fantasy)


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