46 thoughts on “Were you an exclusively PC gamer back in the day? tell us some stories, anon”

  1. I hate you homosexuals so much. You don’t like games. You like jerking off to a time when you had hair and sexual prospects. When I was a kid in the 90s, I never once thought about what platform I was playing a game on. I cared about the game. I was playing Durandal on my brother’s Mac, StarCraft and Quake 2 on the PC, Super Mario 64, FF7 (cloud gets raped in the hot tub lol), even fucking Palm Pilot games. You were either starved for choice or mentally ill if you sat around identifying with a fucking motherboard and you’re beyond being saved if you’re doing it in 2021.

  2. >tfw weekend LAN parties with 50 people in the local middle school cafeteria because someone knew someone who would lend us the keys
    >tfw lugging towers and CRTs
    >tfw LAN switches that were slower than the fastest cable internet today
    >tfw pizza and kebab for 48 hours
    >tfw so much piracy and silly CS 1.6 play

  3. I’m of the impression that PC gaming was never really relevant until recently, and only then did older PC games become well known. There has to be a reason why computer games always got ported to consoles but rarely the other way around.

    • PC gaming became relevant in the late 90s and started to build up from there until it started to really dominate things in the 2010s

    • Depends on what you mean by PC i guess, but i’m assuming just all computer gaming.
      In that case, I think you have a bit of an American perspective. Took till the turn of the millenimum and then some for consoles to be on a par with pc’s in Euroland, and i doubt it ever happened in Korea, Taiwan or China due to the console bans.
      Even just going off America, i still don’t think this is really correct. Console gaming was bigger for sure, but PC gaming hardly rare. Bit hard to prove though, since piracy warps any computer games sales figures beyond recognition. Doom’s meant to have sold about a mil in it’s first couple of years, but been played by ~20 odd in the same period,
      To use your example, why did so many games start out on computers before journeying over? They were getting made for someone in the first place.
      By the 00’s PC gaming is auto relevant just because of online gaming. Killed allot of the single player stuff off too. I blame Blizzard

  4. Yes. There’s nothing interesting. I’m a third worlder (and at the time) without Internet, so I had to live with the default Windows games, CDs with shareware/demos, covermount CDs in kids’ magazines with shovelware, and budget releases.

  5. I’ve always played games on whatever I could get. Tandy 1000, Tiger handheld Tetris, the computer lab at school, the NES my grandpa gave me or the Genesis he got me a few Christmases later.

  6. lmao that pic. Why would you change a nirvana poster to this silly bastard
    >Were you an exclusively PC gamer back in the day?
    No, we had enough money for consoles, but my dad in the 90s wisely thought his kids should be familiar with PCs. In doing so he helped turn me into a software engineer and PC nerd. Thanks dad.
    >tell us some stories, anon
    Got my first PC (in my own bedroom room) was a p100 with maybe 8 megs of ram in Christmas of 1997. Came with Quake installed and a few other games that helped me become a disgusting goth in the years afterwards.
    Pic related, my setup in 2004/5. It was the second PC to be connected to the internet in the house, and I was chatting to someone on MSN messenger at the time. Fun times.

  7. I have always been a PC gamer.
    Reason: poor
    Parents never bought me consoles because
    1) they were poor
    2) games are a waste of time

  8. First game I networked was Grandest Fleet, a ww2 ship battle game. Ran a network cable from one apartment to another. First game I played over a modem was Warcraft 1. Still remember how windy is was that day cause I had to ride my bike to my friends house to get everything setup, then ride back home. Ran like complete shit with 6 second delays on clicks, but it was the greatest thing ever at the time.


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