60 thoughts on “What am I missing out on if I only played vanilla version of Dragon Quest XI and not the S version? …”

  1. >lots of QoL improvements and new content
    >can play on the go or in your bed
    >the graphics are shit compared to the original
    Graphical downgrade of DQXI is nothing compared to pic related

  2. I’ll never buy a DQ game again. Solely because of the garden gnome business practise they did. How you sell me a game and then not even long after make a "definitive" version and offer no discount to get it for OG players and try force me to buy it all over again while delisting the original.
    Games good but Square can suck my dick.

    • I don’t know why you bought it day one on PS$/PC really. They already talked about how they were doing a Switch version months and even years before the release of the main game and it would come later.
      For that same reason, you wait for the late release as they would add more stuff or make it at least more complete that the day one base game.

  3. Nothing that outweighs how downgraded the visuals were. Seeing the wheat fields of Zwaardsrust in the "definitive" edition was just sad, absolutely visually destroyed.

        • This is literally not true lmao. S adds loads of features that completely changes how you play if you use them.
          Show us your huge milky tits already, cow.

          • >S adds loads of features that completely changes how you play if you use them.
            No it doesn’t, unless you’re talking about the shitty 2D mode or the ADHD zoomer fast-foward button.

          • Draconian settings, new items, War Drum (let anyone buff attack), God Bird Staff (make Rab a BAMF), Jade becomes a completely different type of attacker with her new equipment, two new superbosses, New Game+ that is essentially chapter select, among other shit.
            Show. Us. Your. Tits.

          • >Draconian settings
            Super strong monsters is the only important setting, and is in the original
            >new items
            Must be really impactful if you aren’t even naming them
            >War Drum (let anyone buff attack)
            Homogenization is not a good thing
            >God Bird Staff (make Rab a BAMF)
            Homogenization is not a good thing
            >Jade becomes a completely different type of attacker with her new equipment
            Homogenization is not a good thing
            >two new superbosses
            Don’t care, the base game already pushes the combat system to the limit when played on hard mode
            >New Game+ that is essentially chapter select
            Why would I ever want to do this?

            So no worthwhile gameplay differences whatsoever, in exchange for downgrading to Switch-tier graphics.

      • These aren’t small things that they added, some shit outright affects story and gameplay. Also zoomers HATE jrpgs. They just pretend to like Persona 5 because they want to fit in on social media websites.

        • They liked jrpgs with social links/romance because they’re literally not having sex. That’s why fire emblem and persona are the only thing selling.

          • No shit, all Jrpgs are casual, at most they require light use of tactics that can 90% of the time be overcomed by bruteforcing, use of broken strats and retarded amounts of grinding.

  4. I just recently realized the scene where you fight Jasper’s ghost as Hendrik in Act 3 wasn’t in the original and was added in XIS.
    Which is insane since that scene is amazing at closing out their story and I can’t imagine not having it.

  5. You could have Googled it.
    I only played the S version and reading the comparison lists I found these the most important:
    S has
    1, Japanese and English voice over.
    2, A shortcut menu for important things (it still doesn’t have zoom)
    3, Proper (orchestrated) soundtrack
    4, Various options to make the game hard
    5, You can play through the ENTIRE game in classic 16 bit mode
    6, Extra story bits for your companions
    7, An extra segment where you can visit past Dragon Quest worlds (only in 2D – available in 3D mode too)
    8, Battle Speed settings / Help with hidden treasures / Photo mode (shit)
    9, You can see your companions while exploring ingame and chat with them
    10, You can craft anywhere and buy ingredients anywhere. This fucking huge, saves TONS of busywork and enables you to forge high level stuff right away in the middle of exploring.
    11, You can equip outfits regardless of actual equipment, so you can lewd the girls without any drawback
    12, Call the horse anywhere, you can buy a cheat item for the horse races if you don’t want to get minigame cancer
    13, Extra mounts, extra outfits
    14, New trials and missions
    15, You can marry a bunch of characters instead of one.
    To be honest the original version is missing so much I probably would have had a very low opinion about it if I played that. Instead I absolutely loved the S.

    • All this or an orchestral soundtrack with some higher quality textures. Dragon Quest XI S is a million times better in terms of story content and quality of life improvements alone.

  6. You miss out on some QoL, the sidestories which are like two hours total, and the shittily implemented 2D mode. Also you miss out on the orchestrated OST.

    On the other hand, the graphics are significantly better in the original

  7. theres some small scenarios inbetween acts 1 and 2, i really enjoyed them
    rab’s is emotional and has whats probably my favorite boss fight in the franchise, really adds to his character
    erik’s is, for lack of a better term, really REALLY hype

  8. the sidestories where you play as erik, jade, sylvando, rab and what they did during the timeskip
    the entire 2d mode and its 40 or so quests

      • Slightly but noticeable worse graphics, compared to OG release, but the new added stuff, symphonic soundtrack and QoL upgrades make up for it, not to mention its only 40 usd at full price.

        I’d say its worth it.


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