64 thoughts on “What are some good games for people who are smart but lazy?”

  1. >be me
    >NEET for 2 years, technically 5 years
    >fake a resume, offered a junior position at a dream company
    >decline the interview cos i feel like i would be a social outcast
    >change my mind and apologize 2 hours later
    >no response
    not sure where to go from here realistically

  2. Not RTS and not fighting games, those require too much effort.
    Management games that you can run on a second screen are pretty good but they need to be moddable or you’ll run out of things to do. Those are good for watching videos, as just watching videos without multitasking bores me.
    Platformers, RPGs and FPS games are able to retain my attention semi-well. I’ll alternate between playing them for extended periods of time and doing something else.
    When I play fast racing games, especially anti-grav ones, I get into the zone of focusing all of my attention on the game and tunnel visioning hard.
    I have a non-standard dopaminergically hypersensitive brain though so you might not be able to relate to this list that much. I never got my shit checked out by a doctor so I’m not going to self-diagnose with ADHD or some other bullshit beyond what I was able to establish with 100% certainty thanks to the use of certain substances.

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      >tfw actually smart but lazy
      >just got the class average on my QM midterm despite never reading the book for 15 mins and showing up to class <5 times

      I wore my pajamas and a white T shirt with a ketchup stain on it to the exam room btw

      Nah fighting games don’t need lots of practice. I’m naturally talented at execution and rarely practice it.

  3. There is no "smart but lazy". Smart people inevitably realise they must be proactive in order to secure time to be lazy in the future. Average people who are lazy do nothing and eventually realise they were always average when they hit 30.

    • You could work, doing something you don’t want to do, so that one day you can do what you want to do, which is nothing. Or you can just do nothing now and die when you run out of resources.

      • Don’t mean work. I mean working on yourself, practicing something, getting connections, etc. Using your time when you are young to develop yourself is vital and smart people realise that

        • I tried that and it was boring and went nowhere. Our natural position in life is a naked individual on the ground with no friends or possessions of your own. To live an easy life of luxury, you can’t just be fit or be smart or anything like that, you have to be useful to the group: people who contribute to each other to prop each other up and give them a greater standard of living than they could have on their own. To be useful to the group, you have to serve them and give them what they want. For most people, this isn’t a big deal. For some, the things they want to do in life just so happen to be what people want. For some, they don’t care about the group at all, or might even spite the group, but if you want to live the modern life, you have to dance for them. You can pick the dance, but it has to be a dance they want.

          I’m not dancing, anon. The group is garbage.

    • The two traits are completely unrelated. Also, I suspect most "smart but lazy" people aren’t actually lazy, the world is just garbage so they’re uninterested in contributing to it. Intelligence is strongly correlated with an interest in ideas, fantasy and abstract concepts, which can distract you from the real world around you and make it seem dull. What might be related to this is people with a very high IQ are more likely than normal people to suffer from mental disorders like depression, which is similar to low IQ people. You also see something like this with mundane tasks like driving, which is correlated with IQ, but peters out around 120 and then actually starts to gradually decline. You also see this trend when looking at the IQ of British citizens utilizing social services. This is also probably related to autism. To be especially intelligent, you have to be a little autistic, but it’s possible to be a little autistic at any cognitive level, and autistic people on average aren’t intelligent. This reminds me of how the strongest men in the world aren’t the ones with the most rippling muscles, they also have quite a bit of body fat.

  4. >Get told I’m smart but lazy
    >Don’t understand what it really is but they don’t either so just accept it
    >Spend most days in a mix of being zoned out and finding meaningless things to dedicate my time to
    >One day decide enough is enough
    >No wasting time
    >No relaxation
    >No more hermit bullshit
    >Spend the next month pushing myself further and further
    >Actually getting shit done
    >Mood notably turns for the worse
    >Keep pushing on
    >By the end of the month insomnia had set in
    >I was puking at least once a day from stress alone
    >This continued until I blacked out at work
    Nobody dared say I was lazy after that, but they didn’t know what the hell to say. I still don’t to this day.

    • Programmers aren’t smart, they spend all their time copying solutions to problems that have already been solved and re-using that code whenever possible.
      I worked in software development for a year and the senior developers with many years of experience whenever faced with a problem they couldn’t solve in less than a minute (by copying something they have already done in the past), without fail, googles the solution.

        • I’m not even criticising those people at all and I agree with your sentiment 100%.
          It’s just a common misonception that programmers are smart when in reality they’re some of the laziest bastards you can find.

      • well what should they do when they’re faced with an issue?
        take time to solve it themselves and learn,or search for the solution so that they can save time and solve as many problems as they can?

      • Adventure/RPGs, like Final Fantasy or Mother. Not MMOs. Not CRPGs. Not ARPGs unless it’s Soulsborne because you can’t go wrong with Soulsborne.

        >Programmers aren’t smart
        From the studies I can find, scientists, doctors and lawyers tend to have a higher IQ on average, but the correlation coefficient between IQ and income is highest in computer programming. So, that’s something.

      • Person A spends hours or days solving a difficult problem, without checking whether there are any other options.
        Person B googles for an existing solution to the problem, checks that they understand it and that it applies to their situation, verifies that the license is compatible, and copies it into their codebase. 10-30mins later, the problem is solved.
        Which person is "smarter"? I suppose that’s debatable. But which person delivers more value per unit time to the business they work for? That’s very clear.


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