60 thoughts on “what game has the best soundtrack”

  1. FF in general has one of my favorite soundtracks ever, my favorites in the entire franchise has to be FFVIII, FFXIII and XIII-2, and FFVII remake (yes, even over the original, im sorry)
    Splinter cell Chaos theory is also one of my favorite soundtracks ever.
    Trails in the sky the trilogy has great soundtrack too.

    But other than FF, i cant say i enjoy the entirety of the soundtrack of an specific title, but i do enjoy, and a LOT, music from Valkyrie profile 1, Golden sun (they have the same composer lol and it shows), Lufia 2, and others i cant mention because they just dont come fast.

  2. i like how the cd version is very expensive (and rare, because most sold online are the bootlegs) while the vinyl records are cheap and plentiful

  3. Nothing sounds like the first Silent Hill OST. One of the most disgusting and abrasive soundtracks I’ve heard (and I mean that in a good way)

  4. what was that song from one of those very japanese games, I think it is something related to the persona franchise
    it sounded like a computer sax and it went like
    TA-DA…. TA-DA….TA-DA…. brbrbrbrbrbruuuuuuuu
    TA-DA… TA-DA

    it was from a game with a red cover art or some shit

  5. god why are there so many games with kino soundtracks. film and television doesn’t nearly have as many kino track as vidya


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