26 thoughts on “What game is not nearly as deep as the fanbase likes to believe?”

  1. Who thinks undertale is deep? It’s a fairly simple story and a bunch of minor lore bits to have fun with that you’re not supposed to think about very much.

    • It’s more ‘people trying to squeeze as much as they can out of a really quite tiny game with a few sprinkles of neat hidden stuff like Gaster’.

  2. Critical Depth (PSX)
    Deep Water (PS2)
    Deep Down (PS4)
    Deep Rock Galactic (Xbox/Win)
    Depth (Win)
    Deep Dungeons [Series] (Famicom)

    • >bro what if YOU are the monster for murdering enemies

      why couldn’t they just leave it at "kids died in restaurant and haunt the robots"
      the "lore" of this game is lame as fuck

      • the lore is super convoluted, and just because the lore is told through 50+ shitty flash games hidden throughout the main game does not make the lore deep.

      • >bro what if YOU are the monster for murdering enemies
        You literally do not understand it. All you proved is you’re a surface level pleb.

        • >valid criticism
          >undertale homosexual coming out to defend their shitty game
          >you just don’t understand it because… YOU JUST DON"T
          >A PLEB
          many such cases.
          go deal with your toriel mommy fetish somewhere else.

          • >You honestly did not get it
            first off, i hate when people say "You honestly" or "Honestly speaking"
            the fuck does that mean? have you been fucking lying up to this point?
            Also, I got it, some convoluted bullshit about killing effects the whole world and that you should always seek to not kill people trying to murder you.
            people say the monsters are all trying to communicate with the child, but if someone tries to say hi to you by shooting you in the face, are you just going to sit there and take it? or are you going to stop them by force? lmao

            go back to discord, your virtual gf’s cock is getting dry and needs a new sucking.

          • What’s so pretentious about it?
            It’s just exploring how people in an RPG woudl react if you chose to either murder people or spare them. It isn’t some grandiose moral story about how killing people IRL is bad

          • Hell, it even acknowledges that it doesn’t really work outside of the game in the pacifist ending, if you talk to Asriel again, he says "Hey the world up there’s probably not as simple, so you might not be able to go through as peacefully as you did here, but don’t kill and don’t be killed, okay?" Hell, Deltarune shows it’s entirely possible to be violent and still do good.

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