What good games are coming out??

EVERYTHING SUCKS right now. What are you looking forward to? What platform?

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  1. 2 years ago

    Scarlet & Violet

  2. 2 years ago

    REmake 4
    Dragon’s Dogma II

    Gaming is booming.

  3. 2 years ago

    Many cool indie games like Gloomwood, Death Trash, Shadow of Doubt and Fear and Hunger: Termina.

  4. 2 years ago

    >What are you looking forward to?

    2 gaems only:

    > Baldur's Gate 3
    > Dragon's Dogma 2

  5. 2 years ago

    Kenshi 2 might be cool but that's not coming out for a long time
    Dragon's Dogma 2 is probably gonna be worth playing but I deleted steam and don't want to get back on it, so I'm gonna have to think about how to get that one
    other than that, sweet fricking nothing, cap'n, unless you count h-games and updates to unfinished shit like Bannerlord, Baldur's Gay 3, CK3, etc.

  6. 2 years ago

    EDF 6

  7. 2 years ago


  8. 2 years ago


  9. 2 years ago


  10. 2 years ago

    more indie games that make great experiences that AAA studios nab and shit worse things previously

  11. 2 years ago

    We got a new saint rows games getting released soon.

  12. 2 years ago

    --- Third-Person Action/Adventures
    Valkyrie Elysium - very soon
    Steelrising - 08.09.2022
    Soulstice - 20.09.2022
    Forspoken (Denuvo) - 11.10.2022
    Asterigos: Curse of the Stars - Fall 2022
    Wanted Dead - Q4 2022
    Ravenlok - 2023
    Lies of P - 2023
    Project Eve - 2023
    Hellblade 2 - 2023
    Black Myth: Wukong - 2023
    Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - 2023
    Gori Cuddly Carnage - ?
    Dokev - ?

    --- Other Genres
    (Top-Down Brawler) Midnight Fight Express - 23.08.2022
    (Immersive Sim?) Atomic Heart - Winter 2022
    (ARPG) Diablo 4 - 2023
    (FPS) Stalker 2 - 2023
    (FPS) Witchfire - 2023
    (ARPG) Superfuse - 2023

  13. 2 years ago

    Hogwarts Legacy. The only other game that I played from them was Toy Story 3, and that game was amazing (not the PC version). I expect this one to be cool as well...

  14. 2 years ago

    Starfield is cool as well I think. Despite Bethesda's frequent BS, I think Starfield has the potential to deliver. But with everything in this industry, I'd be cautiously optimistic about it...

  15. 2 years ago

    Video horror society

  16. 2 years ago

    >What are you looking forward to?
    Bayo 3
    Project Eve
    Gungrave GORE
    EDF 6
    FF7 Rebirth
    FF XVI
    Star Ocean 6
    Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
    GrimGrimoire OnceMore
    Maybe on Space Marine 2 (cautiously optimistic they won't frick it up)
    Big maybe on Street Fighter 6 (I'm expecting garbage but I'd be happy if I was wrong)

  17. 2 years ago

    bleak faith forsaken looks alright, thought it's another soulslike. if you guys know of anything like manifold garden, please recommend

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