20 thoughts on “What happened to this mod?”

  1. Honestly the mod itself from a technical point of view was okay-ish. It’s how they handled the issues popping up that turned into a gigantic dumpster fire. For instance, as fun as it is to see furhomosexuals burn, using a guy that only did a handful of icons as a scapegoat for everything that went wrong was a massive fuckup, everyone could see what was happening from a mile away.

  2. >modders clearly had the skills to make a good mod
    >due to a weak lead a total pile of trash got released instead
    >also writing comically awful across the board
    it’s always a shame when so much effort goes to waste but at least it’ll serve as a reminder that you can’t have a hippie commune that just does whatever they want shit out a good dlc-sized mod

  3. the main quest is badly written but other than that, the mod is exceptionally good
    pretty sure all the sneed sneed chud shit was disingenuous shitflinging because one of the mod authors said a mean thing about trump or something and it came out around the time he lost so they were extra butthurt and it showed

    you can wait for a re-release with a new quest but the quest isn’t even the appeal of the mod, the highlight is the new map to explore, so wait if you like but it’s not so important

    • >highlight is the new map to explore
      Which parts? empty nothing to bloat the cell size and justify a car?
      Frozen ruins with blue ghouls and Giga ghouls that are literally smashers from girls frontline?
      Mero tunnels with scavs in them?
      https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/70905 I guess this location is exceptionally good.

    • >because one of the mod authors said a mean thing about trump or something
      They stated that only a trump supporter would want to play as the enclave because they(Trump supporters) are literal nazis.

  4. They’re apparently fixing all the wrongs, and i’m patiently waiting for the proper release. I’ve heard it was pretty well made experience, all things considered.

  5. Took 7 years to make
    Developed by a hodgepodge of trannies, furhomosexuals, tasteless normalhomosexuals who can’t write, directed by someone who didn’t even play new vegas
    Every thing that wasn’t a rip off of some movie or other video game was an authors sick fetish or 5th grade writing.
    The main character doesn’t even have an unique uniform, instead is using US general coat from lonesome road’s first 10 minutes.
    Driving is shit, map is atrocious with areas either locked with a scripted plot key because fuck you if you explore, or is a braindead dungeon with infinite bandits.
    Horribly bugged.
    Unity asset store drug orgy lizards.

  6. chud modders relied on multiple references from movies/games as a frame work for the plot. Failed miserably and died within the first week.


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