What have you played this week? Write a quick review of whatever you played.

What have you played this week? Write a quick review of whatever you played.

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  1. 6 days ago

    Played a bit of guild wars 2 and just stopped. Gonna go get some food and get ready to work.

  2. 6 days ago

    It's reasonably fun but the overlap of characters I feel comfortable playing and characters who fit the way I want to play is zero
    Pretty good but I'm glad I only payed like 4 bucks for it because there's very little content and every stage feels pretty much the same
    >Limbus Company
    Gameplay sucks but the story is great
    >Etrian Odyssey 3 HD
    Pretty great but I feel like my Astrologer is way weaker than my Alchemist in 1 was despite them being 90% the same class
    >Va-11 Hall-A
    Music's good, art's good, not far enough in to say whether the writing's good
    >Project Wingman
    Really good but I think I like AC7 better, the missions were just more interesting and the cutscenes of random events away from the player character made the conflicts seem more real
    >Going Under
    See Cryptark above, good but not much variety

  3. 6 days ago

    >Some minecraft with gf on our world we've had since 1.20 released
    >Elden Ring, beat rellena, walked out to a nice view and thought that was a good stopping point
    >Vermintide 2 with the lads

  4. 6 days ago

    Deadlock, a new MOBA shooter from Valve that's basically dota 3

    it's pretty fun

    • 6 days ago

      Can you do invite me?

  5. 6 days ago


  6. 6 days ago

    Soviet republic

    I'm having a good time in realistic, trying to understand how not to bleed my money

  7. 6 days ago

    Picked up Metroid Prime because it looks right up my alley so I've started playing the games in release order since they seem pretty short anyway. 1 was pretty cool, can be a little bit of a bastard but still cool. Liked the music a lot.
    II surprised me, I never saw much praise for it so I wasn't expecting much. I thought the controls felt quite smooth for a gameboy game, and the monochrome graphics and bleepy music make a cool atmosphere of its own.

    Really neat little games, had to replay both to make Samus naked. Playing Super now and plan to do the same here, I remember playing a bit a good while ago but I guess I didn't really get into it. I do think I'm enjoying it more after playing the originals.

  8. 6 days ago

    Elden Ring. Imperfect, but still amazing.

  9. 6 days ago

    >AC VI
    Souls trash but you can fly around
    the writing was so contrived and boring, I don't think I even played an hour
    >Ys VI
    decent so far

  10. 6 days ago

    ass homosexuals

  11. 6 days ago

    >Master Key
    Fun little 2D zelda style game. Monochrome aesthetic is sometimes hard to parse and the map design is pretty atrocious at times, but it's far better than a lot of zelda clones.

    >9 Years of Shadows
    Positively dogshit castlevania clone that I'm only playing because the game is just weird enough that I feel like the designers had a plan at some point.

    >Rusted Moss
    Metroidvania with really fun bungee cord physics that I could not get the hang of, and precision platforming that is needlessly obtuse.

    >Zachtronics Solitaire collection
    It's solitaire

  12. 6 days ago

    >Ghosts 'n Goblins NES
    Fun but the challenge is 90% bullshit. Enemies spawn on top of you, if a Unicorn rushes you it's just an automatic loss, the platforming is really really bad, there's only 2 weapons you really want to use. Has the makings of a good game though

    >Tekken 8
    Fun so far. This is my first tekken, lots of good single player stuff, disappointed there's no heihachi but I'm having fun with Lili. Scared to play online

  13. 6 days ago

    my penis. it was kinda short but had engrossing gameplay

  14. 6 days ago

    FFXIV Dawntrail

    Wuk Lamat as a focal character drags on too hard and she spends a lot of time repeating herself but the actual events in the story are great and it's a good reprieve from "end of the world" shenanigans up until the last leg. Mechanically I think Dawntrail represents the developers well and truly not knowing what the frick they want to do with their game, seeing as a VAST number of jobs were simply not playtested and both Media Tour and 7.0 release have tracked innumerable small stupid problems that would have been caught by playtesters with gray matter in their skulls

  15. 6 days ago

    It's more ER. Mid and slightly disappointing as a big fan of the series, but my wife loves to play it so we do co-op and it's fine.

    Honestly a trash game, very frustrating where some required build mods are tied to some shitty ass thing you have to do, but I use this game for mindless grinding and number go up while I listen to podcasts. For that, there is no better game.

  16. 6 days ago

    >Guardian Tales
    I like it I wish more people did...
    >Blue Archive
    I love my stinky waif
    >My Time at Sandrock
    It's fun but I'm always drunk when I play it
    >Broken Dreams Correctional Center
    Very degenerate and quite promising

  17. 6 days ago

    Soulash 2
    It is an attempt at making a sandbox adventure lifesim like dorf adventure mode or kenshi or somesuch. I bought it because there is very little of that kind of content on the market and most of it sucks (like cataclysm does for example). It's somewhat smooth and intuitive to play but it has a bunch of weird unimmersive balance decisions. It is rather barren right now but I'm hoping it will be worth a shit once all the mechanics are in place.

  18. 6 days ago

    >Elden Ring
    Played for an hour and remembered why I dropped the last Souls game that I played. I think these games just aren't for me but my co-workers won't stop talking about it so I guess I'll keep trying.
    >Street Fighter 6
    It's fun but it makes my head hurt. Shit is just moving too fast sometimes for me to keep up without overexerting myself. Hopefully I adjust to it because I really want to get good at this game and other fighters. I've tried FighterZ, a few different Mortal Kombats and Tekken at the arcade, none have held my interest as well as this one and yes it is because of the Modern controls.
    >The First Descendant
    I live for these mindless MMO things. Only the mindless ones though. I tried Destiny which everyone compares it to and I didn't like how much thought was required. I can just pop this on and zone out or at least I will be able to after they fix whatever is causing the graphics to be all fricky. I've tried low graphics, high graphics and medium but no matter what I have a slight stutter every 10 seconds. It's really quite annoying and breaks my immersion.

    • 6 days ago

      I think you're shit fyi, have some anonymous e-malice

    • 6 days ago

      I usually love Souls but dropped ER. I just don't like what open-world does to game design, it just feels like Dark Souls but with hundreds of hours of riding a horse through nothing and 100x more copypaste filler content.

  19. 6 days ago

    Incredibly loud. I like it.

    • 6 days ago

      I've been looking at both that and Selaco.
      I heard Trepang2 was short or something was off about it. Would you recommend one over the other if you've played Selaco?

  20. 6 days ago

    Mass Effect 1-3
    First has best writing and okay gameplay. Second is more episodic with a heavy focus on characters. Worse plot but good character writing. Third has best gameplay but writing is worse across the board. I still like it though

  21. 6 days ago

    Only DRG today. First game I've played in months.
    Last one was Night Runners. It's cool but the keyboard controls are really bad, I know it's meant to be played on a controller or a wheel but I don't have one and I played my whole life with a keyboard so I'm really bad with a controller.

  22. 6 days ago

    >outer wilds.
    The game is great, that's i didn't finish it yet so I'm not yet going to give it the label of 'masterpice' but it has the makings of one.

    My only real problem is the time loop mechanic. I understand why it exists in the context of the story but it's kinda annoying how it often feels better to just fly into the sun after you complete one task to reset the loop instead of risking getting caught by the fireworks while in the middle of something. On the other hand many puzzles are designed around it so it's an annoyance I'm willing to live with. Also the actual planet designs are genius, every last one of them.

  23. 6 days ago

    Cities Skylines 1 scenarios, pushing for 100% completion.
    Would not recommend it, frick this shit, a few of the Scenario wincons are fricking moronic, ~260,000 population when the point of the map was to do some dumb simple shit like survive 3 floods. Oh and the current one is an island map, AN ISLAND MAP, it's basically telling me to level the frick out of an entire ocean which goes so far away from the point of this scenario that there's no way the devs thought this through and I'm pretty sure they shat these out quick without a second look.
    Love the game, learning new stuff even after so long is cool (I've become an absolute master of the terrain tools lately), but yeah it's been a bit of masochism.
    Pic slightly related, it's the previous scenario I completed.

  24. 6 days ago

    Rise of the tomb raider.

    Its fine, story does not hold up to the first one due to the mystery being fairly obvious (imo). Gameplay suffers a bit due to things players that didnt think shit through wished for, like gathering specific items for crafting, "side quests" didnt add much in the way of meaningful content and felt like a boring distraction.

    A bit more character interaction than the previous one which was nice but ultimately the story and plot fails to capture the suspense and excitement of the first one. Environments are ok but not as varied as the first one, plot reasons play a reasonable part here.

    Fairytale fables

    Autobattler, eh, ok I guess, kills some time and I enjoy it enough.

  25. 6 days ago

    New expansion is just ok. Spent too much time in it this week
    >7 Days to Die
    Tried the update, looks a lot nicer but is more of the same it feels. Taking me quite a bit longer to level up compared to when I played with friends years ago.
    Playing the update, so far its ok. More of the same which is what I wanted.

    • 6 days ago

      I was thinking about getting into Palworld again after seeing that, mostly because I got basically everything except the 2 last tower bosses and they probably melt with the nerf they got.

  26. 6 days ago

    Really fun shooting mechanics, melee is same as always, and the environments are generally pretty detailed, but not very imaginative. It feels very samey, like every level is like every other level you play, so you don't really get any feeling of progression as you move through the game, on top of the fact that 2 of the classes feel identical (Zealot and Veteran) until you get much later in the game, around rank 20 or so.

    >Warhammer 40K gladius
    Really fun CIV-clone, although the DLC is fricking despicable, paying 15$ for a single faction, when the game only comes with 4 races to play as, so you need to pay for Tau, Tyranids, Eldar, Sisters of Battle, and Dark Eldar, meaning on top of the base price of the game which is a whopping 40$, you have to pay an additional 75$. Either buy the game and its DLC when it's on DEEP discount, or just ignore it completely. I didn't even mention the small unit-pack DLC's it comes with either, which contains some units which are essential to your core army, other-wise you're simply playing with a handicap on.

    >Shadow of War
    Inferior version of Shadow of Mordor, with minor gameplay gimmicks that make it mildly more exciting.

    >Lords of the Fallen
    Soulslike that's pretty fun, although the combat feels ever-so-slightly unpolished.

    • 6 days ago

      >although the DLC is fricking despicable
      Reminds me of Warhammer Total War. I don't think the same people made the call (I assume it was up to the devs more than Games Workshop), but it's a funny coincidence anyway.
      One of those games you feel like pirating even if you bought the base version.

  27. 6 days ago

    I played with my weiner

  28. 6 days ago

    Luminous Avenger iX
    It really is the peak of 2D platforming action, but i'm nowhere near as good in the game as to bring it to its fullest potential.

  29. 6 days ago

    rs2 megaserver

    all the other players except for a few are braindead subhumans
    >they cannot flank
    >they don't know how to recognize or even respond to flanking
    >they will constantly assault head on and be killed
    >they do not know how to place down good tunnels as SLs
    >they have absolutely no idea how to rapidly advance through objectives and/or cut off reinforcements
    >none of them have figured out how to abuse the building abilities SLs/commanders have
    >zero situational awareness, i can sit in a spot and casually kill them and they just will not fricking notice the killfeeds showing the same weapon and connect it to the weapon sound in one area
    >there's maybe a handful of players with 1< kdr, and im still usually higher than most of them

    its a shame there's no shooter like rs2

    people say hell let loose or squad but those two are gay walking simulators that have far too large of a map while sticking to a miserly 100 player limit, and games like cod are mtx-filled fomo grindfests

  30. 6 days ago

    Pretty fun little TRPG. I recommend it if you enjoy games like FFT or Tactics Ogre, tho the pixel graphics can put people off.

    >ER: SotET
    Pretty fun to explore the new expansion, but I'm already dreading doing it agin on other characters. And I wish it was easier to get the new weapon classes in the base game if you own the expansion.

    >Death must die
    Vampire survivor meets Diablo meets Hades.Really fun if that sounds like your cup of tea.

    • 6 days ago

      How deep in EA jank is Death Must Die? It looked solid when I saw it a few months ago but I'm leery with any survivors game these days.

      • 6 days ago

        In my opinion it's my favourite survivor game, but the only other ones I've played are SV, 20 mins till dawn and Halls of Torment.

        It's closest to Halls of Torment I guess but the level upgrades feel a lot better

        • 6 days ago

          Good to know, thanks! I'll still probably wait for release even though EA vs 1.0 for these sorts of games is largely immaterial given the number of post-launch patches they get.

  31. 6 days ago

    >Shadow of the Erdtree
    Really an entire second game. The difficulty never felt too off to me, so I don't understand the shitposting over it. Haven't beaten Radahn at the end yet. Exploration was really rewarding, poking at every nook and cranny led me to whole areas I didn't expect. Its really layered. I think thats where the DLC shines the most, is finding new stuff. I have no doubt that the magic will be gone on a second playthrough, because that shit only works once, but I really liked it this time around.

    A little roguelike tower defense game in EA. I tried the demo last nextfest and immediately wishlisted it. The gimmick is you have a "deck" of tetris blocks you place to create a maze for the creeps. Every round you draw 5 pieces, and can pay to draw more. You have to work around preset and some random obstacles. Then there's a healthy number of towers to play with and 2 upgrades for each that change how they work. Its basically the perfect replayable tower defense game. Its a little on the easy side right now, but the dev is working on features and QoL and its been updated twice since it came out. Very high recommend if you like tower defense.

  32. 6 days ago

    The expansion is a snoresfest but I've never messed with a braindead class like viper so I've been having somewhat of a good time leveling it.
    Brain rot card game for ADHD zoomers that a friend bought for me. Equivalent of a fidget spinner during the FF14 cutscenes.

  33. 6 days ago

    >Fallout 4 with 200+ mods
    I don't know why but every once in a while I just want to shoot mindless enemies and pick up junk.

  34. 6 days ago

    I just finished the Kunitsu-Gami demo. It's going to bomb, but I enjoyed my time with it.
    (+) Cool artstyle
    (+) Potential for really hectic maps/encounters
    (+) Decent mix of units
    (-) main character combat actions are limited
    (-) Longer stages and micromanaging could be tedius

  35. 6 days ago

    >enter the gungeon
    So far ive not been enjoying it, having a hard time getting into it and not just playing synthetik instead. ill keep trying tho
    >Elden Ring
    Mostly just messing around in PVP, the dlc was a let down but some of the new weapons and spells are neat
    >Counter Strike (two)
    Played a couple of games with my bf. Its fun to flex my skins and get funny reactions from teammates and enemies (30k USD inventory, paid 1200 for it in 2014)

  36. 6 days ago

    Rn I'm replaying Deus Ex MD
    This time I did the DLC chapters I didn't do before
    Criminal Past was kinda shit, more for its structure than anything else. Before the riot it just felt like a crappy adventure game. It got better after that but then it just made you run back and forth a lot which was lame and gay
    System Rift was really good though. I want super clear on how the heat sensor enemies worked but apart from that, Palisade Blade felt like a great level that would have been right at home in the main game

  37. 6 days ago

    Ghosts 'n Goblins
    A game that creates freedom within limitations. When you jump your trajectory is locked, but this limitation allows you to freely shoot backwards while running ahead and vice versa. "Get the Knife" was moronic, Lances and knifes are perfectly balance, lances are slow but do more damage, knives are opposite. Even the flame has some funny uses, when you know where the enemy will spawn.

    The game explores it mechanics with extremely depth. You can duck, move left or right, jump and shoot. The game will make you master each on of them in different scenarios.

    The game also had animation cancel, which let you spam slightly faster. This one was fun to figure out.

  38. 6 days ago

    Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    Extraordinary open world, even better than the base game but From is starting to sniff their own farts a bit too much with some of the new bosses. Too many overtly long combos that are covered up by particle effects and light beams so you can't even tell what's going on.

    Warhammer 40k Darktide
    Really, really fun core gameplay but the crafting system is still ass and the maps overall like variety. Fun to play a few matches here and there with at least 1 buddy to go along.

  39. 6 days ago

    >Doom (1993)
    >Doom 64
    >Doom eternal
    Just started, might not continue
    >Duke Nukem 3D
    Hard but fun

  40. 6 days ago

    I might have played a videogame at some point this week, can't recall.

  41. 6 days ago

    Elden Ring DLC
    It is really fun. It wasn't fun at first, but the more I play it the better it gets. I've beat about half the bosses, so I think I'm ready for Mesmer now.

  42. 6 days ago

    It's basically a CW show, modern day Disney tier writing. I like the character building though. I'm at level 3 and I intend to multi-class when I lvl up to 4.
    >Cyberpunk 2077
    Driving cars, hacking and drama. Not sure how I feel about it. I just maxed out the hacking tree and now I'm meeting up with Panam.
    Art is really petty and I'm enjoying wacking the slimes with my frying pan. Sam is kind of annoying and I don't like all this meta commentary. The writing isn't bad but it is inane.
    >Distant Worlds 2
    Don't even ask, I have no idea what I'm doing. I barely understand anything.
    >Armored Core 6
    The atmosphere is pretty intense. I like the combat but I'm really bad at it. Stuck on operation wallclimber for the past two days. Might try making a custom mech to cheese this mission. I'm really bad at this game.
    >Ghost of Sushi
    Surprised that I don't have much to day about this. It's nothing special, but the art is great and the stand offs are fun. I'm definately getting into it. Love these different diffculty settings, lethal is a lot of fun.
    >Elden Ring
    Trying hard to yet into this. I can never tell when to run away or engage an enemy. There is no indication of difficulty. The character creator is weird, all your creations have weird necks. I'm not feeling it but I'll keep playing till I feel something.

  43. 6 days ago

    The Talos Principle 2 is pretty fun. The puzzles are good and the story is fairly interesting though the character designs are fricked up

    • 6 days ago

      the worst animated shoulders of all time

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