19 thoughts on “what is [spoiler](YOU)r[/spoiler] endgame anons?”

  1. Kris is stuck in a timeloop and every player’s savefile is a different loop that he’s been through. The end of the game is going to involve every player doing something to their save file to get the best ending. It’ll be kino.

  2. I’m going to finish my autistic quest/fanfic, write an original fiction novel and then finish medschool without OD, get a shitty job at at pharmacy amd keep on writing

  3. i’m going to make a videogame.
    it will be unquestionably the best videogame ever made, and i’m going to release it for free.
    at present, i’m still stuck in the ideas/design stage; the closest thing to efforts i have is a Notepad file filled with the many potential ideas i am toying with. this file has only grown larger and larger over the past year.
    i’ll start manifesting once i’m given a reason to start giving back to people.

  4. become a father and have a beautiful little girl

    but for some reason, i just can’t masturbate to women anymore and i can only get off to femboy stuff dispite never having interest in them my entire life up till now

  5. Have one or two buddies to just game until we are old and we can tolerate each other
    Also make a short game with tons of handsome boys on it


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