18 thoughts on “What is your HONEST opinion on this weapon?”

  1. i guess its useful but the damage is garbage
    the shotgun is already the only real damage you have, if you sacrifice it for even more utility then what the fuck do you have
    why would i use this over the wrangler, also its shit compared to the shotgun still

  2. Very powerful. Often the objectively correct choice, especially if you can rely on your team to keep you out of one on one fights. Not as much fun as getting to pop scouts and spies on your own though.

  3. I prefer the boomstick but nailing spies to wall with this is pretty fun too. I switch between these two constantly.
    Remember when the Pomson wasn’t completely useless?

    • I thought it was weird that Pomson at release was an objectively better Righteous Bison when both Engie and Soldier use the same shotgun.

    • engie has good primaries that are not the rescue ranger though
      >stock shotgun and panic attack are still shotguns which kill good if you land your shots
      >widowmaker is just stock with an infinite magazine if you can kill good once you’re built up
      >frontier justice revenge crits let you assassinate anyone you can get the jump on
      this is nothing like the medic, who gets the comically bad stock syringe gun, the syringe gun sidegrade of blutsauger, and the overdose which is considered an upgrade because it gimps the weapon’s practically-useless damage for the awesome utility of being able to GTFO better.


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