22 thoughts on “What is your opinion about these 3 mobs, which one do you think would be the most useful?”

  1. I just need more information on how they work, the bare minimum find dark, find item, find button doesn’t really tell me much about what the mobs are actually going to do bar a very meh description

  2. I don’t know shit about this game but man do I not appreciate the phrase "I like buttons".
    I do too. I’m a programmer, buttons are basically my whole shtick.

  3. The cave goblin seems completely fucking pointless and having anything in the caves that isn’t an enemy is inherently bad. Bats are already annoying enough.
    The Allay seems useful and could have some neat applications, some fairy thing that’s attracted to music is also pretty good aesthetically. I’d be a little concerned about how they spawn, would they just be a new neutral mob around in the world? Would they not spawn until you’ve made note blocks or jukeboxes?
    Similar feelings about the Copper Golem, probably doesn’t offer as much utility as the Allay especially since it requires maintenance, but it’s stronger aesthetically and as a player-made mob you wouldn’t have to deal with it if you weren’t interested.

  4. Why do we have to choose? Game makes billions and they can’t manage to add more than 1?
    Always hated Mojang, they never actually get anything done. Modders and servers carry their asses

  5. I think zoomers need to stop turning cute innocuous things into cartoonized pocket pussies. You already have real women, anime women, e-bois, anime e-bois, and now you want to stick your dick in the mouth of a literal floating bush.

    We need to stop.

  6. Copper Golem on the grounds it adds Copper Buttons.
    Glare is F3 in mob form, Allay is a wide-area Hopper, and Copper Golem is a chicken and some pressure plates.


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