83 thoughts on “What mecha games can I play on PC? I don’t own a PC. Already played Daemon X Machina.”

  1. Can someone tell me what became of that one mecha game that was showcased during an E3 a few years back? Or was that a fever dream I had? Because I could swear it looked something like Front Mission. I remember it had this one cable shoot out and pull down a helicopter.

  2. Must’ve been at least ten years ago when someone was sharing some indie mecha pvp game that was pretty fun but I never found it again and have don’t really have anything else that could help me find it.

  3. >I don’t have a gamepad but I want to play Japanese games
    I mean nothing is stopping you from playing 2D games but still nothing but doujin shit was ever designed for anything else.

    I guess you could also play classic AC with WASD+space movement and arrow key camera or some odd shit and it wouldn’t be any more fucking weird than on controllers.

  4. Mechhomosexual here.
    Check out RPCS3 again for Armored Core: For Answer, there are people running multiplayer over simulated network matches literally as I make this post.
    I would recommend Front Mission 3, Mechwarrior Online, Zone of the Enders 1 and 2, Frame Gride.

    Oh and emulate dude, it’s easy as fuck. Just look up a guide for each console’s emulator on YouTube and that’ll get it running no problem, for the ACFA multplayer I mentioned earlier there’s a discord where that’s happening at. Just look up Armored Core discord and you’ll find it.

  5. >generally don’t like mecha in general
    >for some reason it clicks one day so i binge 00 the last 2 days
    >i’m hooked and bought some gunpla

    what do i watch next bros

    • I see there’s a Heavy Gear Assault game on Steam, but it’s mostly negative reviews.

      Armoured Core and Battletech/Mechwarrior are the only mech games I like.

      I wish From Software would go back to Armored Core.

      • >I see there’s a Heavy Gear Assault game on Steam, but it’s mostly negative reviews.
        Yeah don’t touch that. Heavy Gear 1 and 2 are abandonware titles. If you want to stick to steam there’s Metal Wolf Chaos.

      • >I wish From Software would go back to Armored Core.
        Its been way too long. Dark Souls is a great series and all, but I miss their mech games.

  6. >mecha
    >homosexualgy scrote robots with skimjets and anime skirts
    have a nice day homosexual
    play Mech games like a real man

    • I asked for mecha, not mech. Even so, I already played all of the MechWarrior games.

      Mecha Knights

      Looks floaty / weightless as fuck. I mean, yeah, mechas tend to go fast, but at least the animations don’t look as weird.

      Anything that can be emulated, which means basically 100% of the genre.

      My problem is I don’t have a gamepad or know shit about setting up any of the emulation software. I actually did try to emulate Armored Core: For Answer and Verdict Day, but the first wouldn’t even start, and the second one doesn’t seem to recognize mouse input properly. I’ll probably have to wait until RPCS3 gets better with those games.


      I actually did get that, but like I said in the OP, looking for mecha, not mech.

      emulate Xenoblade Chronicles X

      I did, that’s what got me hooked on playing mecha games right now. I’m just sad that Skells aren’t something you get earlier in the game. It’s a fantastic world and I fucking love exploring it. Also wish the combat was more fluid, rather than having to engage enemy by enemy in a seemingly turn based fashion. Still fantastic though, love the world, gameplay and music.

      • Emulate any of the old SRW games with translations or get the new SRW on Steam. Or emulate any of the PS2/PS1 Armored Cores. Or emulate RAD, or Tech Romancer. There’s also Front Mission.

        • >SRW
          That looks like a visual novel, not really something I’m interested in. I want active gameplay.

          >Front Mission
          Already downloading some of the stuff, but I’ll be skipping out on Left Alive, apparently that’s a complete shitshow.

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        You can get a cheap gamepad like f310.
        I haven’t tried For Answer but I’m playing Armored core 4 and it’s very playable for me


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