62 thoughts on “what the fuck is this trash”

  1. We get it you can’t beat the game on legendary so you come here and seethe

    It’ dark souls all over again

    It’s really not that hard m8,probably one of the easisest halos on legendary

  2. I love the idea of a "holy shit I’m fucking fucked" night city crawling with enemies but the game doesn’t really live up to it in gameplay or atmosphere. They should have gone for more of a horror angle.

    Look at this and tell me the feeling is fulfilled in game. You can’t.
    It’s not a very different experience to playing a Spartan.

  3. i love how people act like this is stealth halo but it isnt because there is no stealth mechanic and the second you do anything it just turns into regular halo gameplay.

    idk why people act like its so different.


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