51 thoughts on “What the hell Britbongs.”

  1. >Goes on tv as a kid to complain about who.
    >Gets backlash from hardcore fans. Even banned from his local fan club despite parroting their thoughts on the then current era.
    >Vows to destroy the series as revenge.

    This is the only way it makes sense.

  2. >Watching an old serial
    >He gets inside an ancient temple built by space faring geniuses
    >Tons of skeletons in the entrance room to indicate that they were stumped by the first puzzle to the point of starvation
    >It’s a fucking placemat children’s maze
    Doctor Who was never good

  3. The only people who care about dr who now are teaboo yanks and (and may โ€˜ar Liz forgive me for uttering this word) Londoners.
    Nobody else gives a shit

  4. You fucking what?

    Oh it’s just some fangame in first person with none of the actual characters made in Unity, lol nevermind then

  5. Unironically the most fun I had in a Doctor Who game was something I played in Roblox years ago. I remember you could fly a Tardis and customise it and it had no microtransactions while the other shit ones did, can’t remember what it was called though.

    • Video games are too expensive for them
      Even if someone proposed a text adventure game they’d still spend as little as possible on it


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