57 thoughts on “What video games you will never play on principle?”

  1. -anything made by ubisoft after watch dogs 1
    -anything made by modern bioware
    -anything made or currently running by modern blizzard
    -anything published by hi-rez

    i know there’s more but this covers most of it.

  2. Most western AAA shit, remakes in general, literally anything that is a western company handling Japanese property.
    That said, I do enjoy some western AAA rarely

  3. furry shit.
    anything with the wow art style.
    mobile games.
    fifa/nba style sports games.
    h games.
    visual novels.
    "aaa" shooters.
    anything "remastered" that ive already played in the original format.

  4. jap shit. i hate crazy stuff in entertainment. unless it’s airplane or scary movie 1-tier i want my entertainment to take the world seriously so i can do the same.

  5. Anything made by EA, Activision, Take Two, Sony, Ubishit or Blizzard. Plus a dozen other shitty devs. I wont even pirate that trash. Also anything that has a "battle pass" can fuck off too.

    • This.
      My only exception is Titanfall but I will imagine Titanfall 3 will be dog shit since EA bought respawn.
      EA has killed too many series I love.

  6. Probably No Man’s Sky unless it goes on a ridiculous sale. Or games with Peter Molyneux’s name attached to it. I really don’t like creatives falsely advertising the features of their games.

  7. Games made by communists
    Games made by people with degenerate fetishes such as futa for example
    VNs as those don’t count as vidya in my eyes
    RPGMaker games as nearly all of them are too low-quality to bother with

  8. It was World of Warcraft, and I told myself I was never going to get into it until a "good friend" talked me into it a couple years ago.
    Literal worst mistake of my entire life, holy shit. My life has never been worse.


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