22 thoughts on “What went [spoiler]right[/spoiler]?”

  1. >intentionly sabotage your game by appealing to a racial market that simply doesn’t exist
    Very baffling. Did they learn nothing from Dishonored?

  2. If this game didn’t have black people in the cover it’d have been forgotten about already (not that people talk about it anymore but). Black people are literally being used as a marketing tool and they think it’s empowering. Imagine that.

  3. Prey Mooncrash was objectively better and more creative and I’m astonished they fucked up as badly as they did on what should have been an easy pitch.

    Then again, the DLC is always the best part of every Arkane game, so here’s hoping Deathloop at least serves as a base for something super interesting.

  4. The game could’ve been a genuine classic, it’s got all the building blocks for it between fun mechanics, fun characters and interesting concepts, but the pacing and structure holds your hand too much, the AI is cheap, and there’s nothing rewarding for scavenging for its extras outside of its shitty lore. It carries the illusion of being unique and genre breaking but because of the way it’s designed it’s all as deep as a puddle. After a certain point it becomes way too easy, even though dying is somehow more frustrating than most roguelikes. Probably one of the most disappointing games I’ve played, not because I had expectations for it but because it showed genuine promise after the first couple hours before nosediving.

    • Not only is it offensively easy, it’s shallow.
      The time loop mechanic isn’t used well at all.
      The weapon and infusion system is a joke.
      The levels are all flat 2D and small with occasional side areas open.
      The level variety is hugely lacking, too.
      There’s only minimal characterization of anyone and maybe one page spark motes to find of their story.
      And then there is hardly and lore or secrets to find for exploring since everything is just trinkets that you get randomly anyway.

      But the worst is justbhow straightforward and uncreative the assassinations are.

      Still a good game and it does look nice and is way more polished than the usual Arkane game on release, but it’s not Hitman.


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