24 thoughts on “What’s the best way to experience a game fresh from the start, Ganker?”

  1. >base game 100% done
    >went ahead and read spoilers in this thread because game is now safely completed
    >forgot about dlc

    • Hey anon, don’t fret too hard. You still have time to leave while keeping the DLC experience mostly in tact. I just reviewed the different spoilers to verify. You’re good! Leave now, go play the DLC, come back. Have fun. It’s over way too soon…

    • >majora’s mask clone
      The time loop mechanic was likely inspired by Majora’s Mask, but in pretty much every other aspect Outer Wilds is a completely different game.

    • It’s a great game, best experienced blind.
      Buy it, play it for an hour (after the tutorial go explore some planet for like half an hour).
      This is enough time for you to grasp the concept of the game and get hocked up on the premise.
      If you don’t care for it, just refund and move on with your life.

  2. Don’t spoil anything. Get off Ganker because there are retards and trolls that will literally ruin the game for you in here.

  3. >What’s the best way to experience a game fresh from the start, Ganker?
    Don’t make or open Outer Wild threads until you finish it, for starters.


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