23 thoughts on “What’s the point if you just use that time to learn the guitar?”

  1. >learning the guitar
    >takes time and practice
    >takes weeks and months sometimes years of practice to see tangible results and play cool songs you want to hear

    >playing guitar hero
    >different difficulty settings ensure you can play songs no matter your actual skill level
    >just instantly jump in and have fun playing songs you like

    The audience for this shit is people who wanna have fun, not people who want to actually play instruments.

    • you can play ramones in a year, but the real difficulty in that is the 2 months you use to get your plectrum arm stamina up

      also blues riffs sound great thru my 1000 bucks worth of pedals

      • >pedals
        this is whats killing my wallet right now lmfao
        I just got a mel-9 to play video game music and it sounds so fucking good

        • >$250
          I’m jealous, but also fuck paying that for a pedal when you can do this shit electronically. I have a bunch of ibanez pedals that’re like $70 each. The delay is fucking fantastic, but the tubescreamer is a real piece of shit. Dno if it’s a bad pedal or if it just sounds like fucking garbage.

  2. nothing, its completely useless.
    rockband and gh did introduce me to some cool songs and bands though so im grateful for that.


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