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  1. >be me
    >bought the N64 X7 in August 2020
    >took like 2 months to arrive at my mom’s house
    >ended up moving to my own place at the beginning of the year
    >mfw my N64 and X7 are still at my mom’s place
    >mfw I only played it like twice and spent like $300 on it

  2. Resetting to save is based, it lets you cheese Majora’s Mask’s shitty save system so you don’t have to start a new 3 day cycle if you fuck up one of the sidequests.

  3. I don’t understand why reset-to-save is considered such a problem? Do you think you need to reset your console EVERY time you save or some shit? You just need to reset back to the menu ONCE just before you switch the console off to commit the SRAM to SD. That’s it.
    The difference with the X7 is that the battery allows this commit to be deferred until the console is powered on again, it’s still fundamentally the same process. Nothing is committed to SD card until you get back to the menu.

  4. oh no i have to press reset when i pirate every single n64 game ever made what a huuuuge bummer man this sucks sooooooooo much

  5. >Getting my GB and GBA Everdrives in the mail soon.
    >Got a Pi with Mesen, bsnes and Duckstation hooked up to my CRT.
    >CFW 3DS
    Ah, this is the life.
    Wish there were better solutions for SegaCD and PCE.

    • I’m not a poorhomosexual, quite the contrary; I’m a richhomosexual.

      But the reason I’m rich is because I don’t pay out the ass for things I don’t need to.

      Pic related; it’s something you’ll never own.

      • >Rich
        >Won’t shell out ~$200 on his hobby.
        Even a stingy gamer spends ~$200 for 20 games. If you want better quality than emulation and you’ve got more than 20 N64 games you want to play again, an Everdrive is reasonable if not cheap. Even an insanely frugal person could afford flashcarts for the systems that need them.

        Related question, what systems does Ganker swear by on playing via flashcarts? I feel like SNES emulation is so precise that it’s not worth bothering with physical anymore, but Megadrive and N64 absolutely need it.

        • I’ve got enough shit to do while I wait for Wang to make a clone of the latest Everdrive. I’d rather put that $100 in my S&S ISA

        • N64 is the only system (that ive owned) that a flashcart is a must. I have one for the sega genesis just because there’s a lot of good games for it, but emulation is just fine

          • It’s fine if you want to play a game from start to finish, but Genesis sound emulation will forever be bad and is the main reason to own one if you enjoy the music on that console.

          • Same. Was just listening to some music on it last night from SOR1 and Moonwalker in fact while I was doing some work on the PC for a little bit. ๐Ÿ™‚
            I guess really, you need at least one of the Model 1s before the last revision of it as well if you want the best quality. That VA7 + Model 2s just don’t do it justice.

          • I have a VA5 which is in the safe zone for sound chips. growing up we had a model 2, which when plugged into a shitty tv with coax you dont really notice the sound but when i hooked it up the stereo system and heard how awful it was, that was when i had to find a model 1

          • Pretty much all Nintendo consoles are prohibitively expensive to collect for by now unless you’re really lucky and frugal. SD Gecko or a Wii with Nintendont is a must for Gamecube too, the only console I can think of with even more ungodly-expensive games is the Saturn.

          • >SD Gecko
            if you didn’t know there’s now the SD2SP2 for loading games from a microSD without taking up a memory card slot.

          • Er yeah that’s what I meant actually, didn’t realize the Memory Card adapter was something else entirely.

          • have they updated SWISS to be able to load from the expansion port yet? that was the only thing preventing me from using theSD2SP2.

            I have a Gecko modded Cube and a SWISS minidvd.

          • >have they updated SWISS to be able to load from the expansion port yet?

            >released this Oct 14, 2019

            imagine being you.

    • I guess you only need to press reset when you’re finished playing right? So you essentially need to get into the habit of pressing RESET -> Power Off when you’re done as opposed to just pressing Power Off?

      • Basically. It’s a minor inconvenience, especially given the consoles these carts are for need you to touch a nearby spot on the system to power off anyway. Same deal with Everdrive GBX7 vs GBX5.

        X7 costs twice as much as an X5 because it has a real-time clock (only about a dozen games use it, like two of which left Japan, both of which you have no real reason to play on original hardware outside of nostalgia purposes, all of which have workarounds in-game in case your battery is dead or missing), save-states (at that point why aren’t you emulating?) and an in-game menu (even less convenient than just resetting the cart). It’s fluff to make it seem "more complete" but isn’t worth shit. The GBX7 can’t even claim it covers all games because it lacks Kirby Tilt n Tumble’s gyroscope.

      • The reset-to-save is bad in that you can’t save once the battery dies.
        Except you can just buy a replacement battery for way cheaper and it’ll work fine.

        • I think you’re confused. There is no battery on the SRAM, that’s why you have to reset to save so that the SRAM stays powered while the ED boots and commits the contents of the SRAM to a file on the SD. The ones with the battery ALSO only commit when the menu boots but thanks to the battery they can hold your saves even if you hard powered off and then commit on first boot. When the battery dies you can just revert to reset-to-save until you get a chance to replace it.


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