65 thoughts on “Why aren’t you playing Minecraft right now?”

  1. All i do is mine. Ive got no creativity to do anything besides brainlessly mine. When I get a full diamond set I log off.

    I remember being super into minecraft at one point about 10 years ago. I spent a ton of time on a world actually building a nice place. Then I got a bsod and it corrupted the save. I think that killed my interest in playing again for long periods of time.

  2. i never played mc when it was still new because i was burned out on dwarf fortress at the time and thought first person dwarf fortress without the funny parts was lame. tonight i was looking at the famous old seeds gargamel, 404, and Glacier. i tried searching for similar stuff and found this pic. it made me feel like i’m close to death

  3. I’m pretty burnt out on 1.7.10 with mods. I’d play the latest version if they’d stop pushing all the cool new shit back.

      • >hunger bar
        >discount tekkit mod shit
        >a pointless "ending" gimmick
        >shitty new music
        >hunger bar
        No, it’s shit. Your nostalgia for the game starts years after it had gone to shit. I pity you.
        and a woomer foomer noomer to you too, homosexual.

  4. Waiting for the second part of C&C. Not building something up then having to move to another area just to get fuckhuge caves

  5. I played continuously between 2011-2013 then lost interest until the aquatic update came out. The new updates have been good and I was on the hype train for caves and cliffs but the constant delays are making me not want to play until it’s all finished

  6. the game is and has been shit for a while. I could buy the PS4 version, but with it migrating to Microsoft the only logical way would be to buy it on Xbox without looking like a homosexual, but I also don’t want to look like a 10 year old so I have other games to play


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