20 thoughts on “Why did SRPGs die?”

  1. Because it’s a genre that made no money until they dumbed it down to a degree normalhomosexuals could understand. see: xcom, fire emblem, that rabbids game, triangle strategy coming out too.

  2. Same reason all other niche genres died, (non-indie) development costs keep rising, while niche genres only have limited mass appeal and growth potential.
    90s and early 2000s were peak videogame, even AAA games had relatively low cost, small development teams and fast development times.
    Tactics Ogre was developed in 2 years by a team of a dozen people. That’s just not viable today.

  3. Funny you make this thread, I just started playing the first mercenaries saga game. I haven’t played one of these in a long time, and that’s only if you count fire emblem. If not that, then not since the GBA days have I played this type of game. It seems fun once I got the hang of it. It’s not fun to restart a mission repeatedly after spending 20 minutes on it.

  4. There were never that many of them, and they are still being made today at about the same rate they ever have been, maybe higher.
    I reject your premise.

  5. ?
    XCOM, Fire emblem, That rabbids game, theres triangle strategy coming out too, the NVIDIA leak thing mentioned a War of Lions port i believe.
    Its a niche gerne anon, its doing fine.
    Theres that uh, weird puppet one too that came out not too long ago.


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