22 thoughts on “Why do American devs act smug towards Japanese game developers?”

  1. All Japs are known for are Mario and Zelda and even those are anime games

    no joke. There are Mario and Zelda animes. Japan was a mistake. Anime is for children, Japanese children to be specific.

  2. They deserve to be considering japs only stagnate and do the same shit over and over again while westeners innovate
    No one in their right mind would say any jap game is better than gta 5 or rdr2 except contrarians and autists
    Also japs only play games mobaly they cant into consoles or pc at home
    They are fucking retards

  3. american devs are failed hollywood types trying to make pretentious oscarbait moviegames about being gay, and then japan makes a games where the funny little plumber jumps on turtles and goes "wahoo", so they think it makes video games look less legitimate as an art form

  4. Anglogermcucks don’t realize they’re asian migrants from the ADs and believe they’re European, but their lack of any actual European genes makes their facade look childish – ie smug.


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