21 thoughts on “Why do we hate this game again?”

  1. Ganker: YOOOOO Fall Guys got them drips dog!
    Imposter: Not if I can do anything about it!
    Imposter: *Kills Among Us*
    Fall Guys: NOOOOOOOO
    Imposter: Now I shall make my escape
    Imposter: *Runs away*
    Fall Guys: I won’t let you get away with this!
    Fall Guys: *Chases imposter*
    Cyberpunk 2077: *Glitches into floor*
    Fallout 76: *Sees Cyberpunk 2077*
    Fallout 76: Howdy. Welcome to the love cave
    Cyberpunk 2077: Oh no!
    Imposter: *Is still running*
    Fall Guys: *Is still chasing*
    Imposter: *Jumps out a window* (We’re in a tall building)
    Fall Guys: *Jumps out with*
    Fall Guys: WOOOO
    Imposter: *Lands and breaks his legs*
    Fall Guys: *Lands with a squeak*
    Ganker: I ran down as fast as I could, and now I have you
    Ganker: *Reaches inside Imposter’s asshole*
    Ganker: *Pulls out an entire XBox Series X*
    Ganker: Now I can play video games!
    Trump: Actually, the Xbox has no games
    Trump: *dabs*
    Trump: *Farts*
    Ganker: NOOOOOO
    Fall Guys: Don’t worry!
    Fall Guys: *Reaches into Trump’s asshole and pulls out a PS5*
    Ganker: Holy cow! We can now play some real video games!
    Fall Guys: Dibs on the Abby segments!
    Steve from Minecraft: Ha, she’ll never get into Smash
    Abby: *Gets into Smash*
    Steve from Minecraft: No way!
    Geno: Ha! Get dunked on home brew!
    Geno: *Dabs*
    Steve: Nooooooooo
    Sakurai: Abby is now an official nintendo character!
    Sony: Say sike right now!
    Sakurai: Too rate, rere gonna release Abby 2
    Sakurai: *dabs
    Sony: NOOOOOOOO!
    Ganker: Wait!
    Ganker: *reaches into Sakurai’s asshole
    Ganker: *Pulls out a log of shit
    Ganker: Whoopsie doodles!
    Ganker: *Reaches into Sakurai’s asshole again
    Ganker: *pulls out a Switch
    Ganker: Oh yeah, I’m thinking bing bing wahoo time
    Fall Guys: Alright! Everybody dance!
    Music: *starts playing
    Fallguys: *breakdances
    Fallguys: Wooooo!
    Among Us: *Default dances
    Trump: *does the worm
    Abby: *twerks
    Ganker: Wow. I’m sure glad I decided to talk about video games!

  2. I can’t fucking take it any more. Among Us has singlehandedly ruined my life. The other day my teacher was teaching us Greek Mythology and he mentioned a pegasus and I immediately thought ‘Pegasus? more like Mega Sus!!!!’ and I’ve never wanted to kms more. I can’t look at a vent without breaking down and fucking crying. I can’t eat pasta without thinking ‘IMPASTA??? THATS PRETTY SUS!!!!’ Skit 4 by Kanye West. The lyrics ruined me. A Mongoose, or the 25th island of greece. The scientific name for pig. I can’t fucking take it anymore.

    Please fucking end my suffering.

  3. There’s no good reason to hate this game, but if you think it’s the best at what it does your wrong.
    It’s just the simplest version, so it scrapes the bottom of the barrel the best

  4. for some reason, no one actually plays the game
    they just hang out at the ready room talking about inane shit
    it’s like they’ve never heard of chatrooms or something


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