70 thoughts on “Why does Ganker hate this game? I’m talking about the game as a game, not waifu mind you.”

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    i played up to ending A and liked it so much I went back and played every Taro game prior to automata. Drakengard generally sucked, but there were some cool things there. Seeing the whole thing come together in automata was pretty neat.

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    I bought it on sale knowing nothing about it and it’s ended up being one of my favorite games of the last decade. Highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t played it.

  3. because it’s a mediocre game. Instead of having the best aspects of Taro and Platinum it’s a luke warm package at best. The gameplay is repurposed Bayonetta for the 100th time from Platinum’s B team, the main cast much weaker than Replicant/Gestalt (a strike is having to read so much outside-the-game information to just get a basic backstory), the OST’s best songs are all from Replicant/Gestalt, Platinum blew their entire load on the very first boss of the game, way more weebshit compared to Replicant/Gestalt.

    The awful wave of secondaries is also not helping the game, I’ve never seen a more degenerate and unlikable pile of human shit than an Automata fan. The game is mediocre and 2B waifuhomosexuals should all be exterminated.

    • >The gameplay is repurposed Bayonetta
      how is that the case when it plays nothing like Bayonetta and has literally none of Bayonetta combat mehcanics?
      > the main cast much weaker than Replicant/Gestalt
      Replicant is a character focused story, Automata is a thematic focused story, expecting it to focus on its characters is dumb
      >way more weebshit compared to Replicant
      right, cause soldiers being abused and trying to figure out their existence without the proper knowledge is obviously way more weebshit than "i must save my sister! all shades evil!"

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        >and has literally none of Bayonetta combat mehcanics?
        You can actually get overclock aka witch time in it so he probably thinks that’s enough to be bayonetta.

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    Having a bias going into anything will do that to you.
    But mostly, it’s because it’s popular.
    It’s a sequel to a cult classic, platinum games is attached, and one of the main characters is very attractive. Anon can’t be seen liking anything popular, so he will endlessly shit on it.

    Some actual criticisms are that the leveling system is really fucked. 1-2 levels over what you should be fighting can make you completely overpowered in an instant and it ruins replays via chapter select. The combat isn’t bad but the enemies don’t require much more than a basic combo and some dodges to beat. The bosses are also very lackluster even just compared to Nier Gestalt/Replicant.

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      >The bosses are also very lackluster even just compared to Nier Gestalt/Replicant
      true but the best boss in automata is better than anything in replicant.

        • This fight was a solid addition even if it padded out the story a little bit. I liked how louise was treated as devola and popola’s contingency plan if the protagonist was unsuccessful.

          • >it padded out the story a little bit
            not the anon you replied to, but i dont think that’s the case
            each area is used multiple times, both in act 1 and act 2, while in the original, Seafront was basically useless in act 2.
            1.22 fixed that with Louise(which was literally cut content in the original), so it basically balanced what was previously an unbalanced use of the map: while Seafront felt like padding in the original, with no main event occurring there and being basically untouched by any of the events, 1.22 made it feel like it was part of the whole, removing the padding feeling it had in the original

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          >fights in time to the music, bullets when bells ring, lasers when the chorus hits
          >low on life breaks down into a screaming cock monster
          >"they’re still alive!"
          >towards the end she screams for you to look at her but the camera locks so you literally can’t
          >that backstory

  5. I liked the original more.
    The writer’s interpretation of philosophers and philosophy itself feels taken straight out of Wikipedia. It’s embarrassingly short-sighted and fails to say anything meaningful.

  6. I liked it but felt the game dropped in quality after about the first 1/3 and the pretentious endings dragged down the quality of the game and story. Itโ€™s still way better than most modern games however.

    • >the game dropped in quality after about the first 1/3
      are you really saying the quality drops when the game actually starts to pick up and the actual plot starts?

        • >game picks up
          >becomes more interesting
          >story starts to become more fleshed out
          >anon is bored
          >must be the game

          I liked the original more.
          The writer’s interpretation of philosophers and philosophy itself feels taken straight out of Wikipedia. It’s embarrassingly short-sighted and fails to say anything meaningful.

          do you realize the philosophical aspects and references are just the context and not the core? it’s natural they’re just textbook definitions with no further insight, that’s the whole point, machines and androids that know nothing more than superficial aspects

          • The issue is that the core feels just as void of any worthwhile commentary. The actual story flows like a B-tier action anime with some extra edge and there’s little to trudge you along.

          • >The issue is that the core feels just as void of any worthwhile commentary
            the issue is that you expected some commentary when there wasn’t supposed to be one at all
            this is literally "let’s expose elementary schoolers who think high of themselves to some basic philosophy they never heard of and see how they react" and you expecting them to give some meaningful insight
            they’re elementary schoolers, they reacted as such, you expecting anything else is the issue

          • >The issue is that the core feels just as void of any worthwhile commentary.
            Why does it need to be a commentary? What does it need to comment on to hold your approval?
            Why can’t it just be a story about androids learning what it is to be human and struggling with their emotions?

          • I tend to consider that most pieces of creative expression are made with the intent of wanting to communicate or explore SOMETHING relative to their author.
            It’s not that I don’t mind schlock every once in a while, but considering how people talk about this game and its narrative depth I was really expecting more. Not like there isn’t some thematic exposition in there, but it really feels…super basic at best. Even the true ending left a lot to be desired.

      • I donโ€™t remember the exact point. But pretty early on. The Amusement Park and boss was probably the highlight of the game until the absolute ending build up to the boss and then the end credits. Those were great too. The middle is a whole lot of backtracking and fetch quests.

  7. The insane amounts of backtracking in this huge desert of a map was the main reason i couldn’t stomach going past the first ending

    • >The insane amounts of backtracking in this huge desert
      >insane amount of backtracking in the deserr
      >insane amount of backtracking
      >insane amount
      you only need to go back there 3 times, each takes 2-3 minutes, in a 40+ hours long game
      that’s nowhere near insane levels, it’s very barebones backtracking

      • Three times what? If you try to do any quest at all, like those from the robot village, chances are it will involve going back to the circus, dunes, castle and then report to x questgiver and then GO BACK somewhere else once more. I see that you mention Nier Automata as being a 40+ hours, obviously taking in account the sum of all NG+ so you have to multiply the amounts of backtracking (without even considering quests) even more.

        • you can do that quest after you have fast travel, in which case the spot you have to go to is literally a few meters away from the spawn point
          im counting the times you actually have to backtrack wandering in the desert(aka, having to roam around the desert instead of just "use fast travel, do your thing, go back") beside the firs time you go there
          for side quests, there is only 3 that involve wandering in the desert
          and even then, you backtrack more in the other areas
          you don’t like it? fine, to each their own, but that’s not "insane levels of backtracking"

  8. >Why does Ganker hate this game?
    remember anon, Ganker can’t process the concept of games not being for everyone
    if an anon doesn’t like it = it’s shit
    if an anon didn’t complete it = it’s shit
    if an anon doesn’t follow the story cause he goes in with "anime shit story" prejudice and preventively craps on any and all lines of dialogue = it’s shit

    single anons can have opinions, but Ganker as a whole is just a hate or love machine

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    This bro is STILL going with the made up stories. Why do virgins always come up with elaborate bullshit like this lmao?

    • man i have so many stories, living in the sticks was the shit. like this one time when a girl and her mom walked up to this one guy and handed him a condom right in front of everyone.
      or this one time when one of the older sisters of some kid was seen walking into an abandoned lot accompanied with a bunch a of guys, later we found a bunch of used condoms all over the place, the next day poor kids was made fun in school.

        • There was also this old dude, that one time talked us into going to his house to fix a bicycle, in retrospective he was clearly a pedo, dodge a bullet there.
          or this one girl that moved from the city living with relatives, she was sent to the stick to separate her from her bf, he tried to steal her despite being only like 15.
          me, my cousin and another guy ran a train on her.

          • >There was also this old dude, that one time talked us into going to his house to fix a bicycle
            Oh look, he’s stealing plot lines from the tv show Different Strokes now.


            Just give up already, nobody cares that you’re still a virgin.

          • man thats nothing like the old man i’m talking about.
            the man im talking about gave out some really bad vibes

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      >Because it’s not even Nier. It’s basically Drakengard: Shmup Edition.
      what does this mean. No seriously, what the actual fuck did he mean by this?

  10. Not hating, but the game is not masterpiece, it’s very average and people just praise because of 2B is hot or muh philosophy

  11. Ganker here.
    We love Nier Automata. It’s one of the greatest video games of the 21st century. Amazing, beautiful experience.

    t. Ganker

  12. Play the game 30 times to get the real ending.
    Lazy and boring shooting sections.
    Those are my reasons.
    I don’t hate it’s just bleh.


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