Why does this world feel so boring? Am I just too used to Bethesda games at this point?

Why does this world feel so boring?

Am I just too used to Bethesda games at this point?

Fallout and Skyrim felt rooted in a particular world and culture. Starfield feels empty and lifeless. It takes place across the galaxy, and it's boring. Where are the aliens? Why is the entire culture of this place just about space pirates?

I'm so disappointed.

  1. 1 week ago

    After starfield I installed Fallout 76 to scratch the "walk around and explore" itch and no you're not crazy

    • 1 week ago

      Funny how open and expansive Fallout feels compared to the great expanse of space...

  2. 1 week ago

    bethesda didnt have 20+ years of pre established lore to land on like elder scrolls and fallout. so of course the new IP's world is fucking boring as shit

  3. 1 week ago

    You need to look at this more akin to Kotor / Mass Effect games. IE, it's not open so much as it's a collection of hand-crafted hubs, separated by all the procgen shit. I've been having fun just doing sidequests / the mainquest and seeing what different cities have to offer, and I'm having fun. I definitely see why someone spending most of their time hunting POIs would be frustrated. Their previous design of "walk from point A to point B and encounter XYZ on the way" has been completely uprooted for this game. The POI procgen shit should be something you maybe do for an hour or so in between sidequests every once in a while, it's not the core of the game, it's filler that modders will somewhat refine, but we all know the limitations of radiant shit.

  4. 1 week ago

    >fallout and skyrim felt rooted in a particular world and culture

    No, they fucking didn't. You're either trolling or you're borderline underage and played those games when you were too stupid to tell otherwise. Skyrim and Fallout 4 are filled with the exact same kind of garbage writing Starfield is.

    >Psijic monk appears
    >'Things... Have happened...'
    >'You... Have been chosen...'
    >'Things will happen soon...'
    >'I can say no more...'
    >Poofs away

    It's shit and only barely manages to fool simpletons like you by relying on lore that was written decades ago by people who no longer work at Bethesda.
    Starfield is what Bethesda is now, unfiltered. They will never release another good game again.

    • 1 week ago

      >>'You... Have been chosen...'
      >>'Things will happen soon...'

      I'm getting Bethesda flashbacks from your text.

      The writing is so...pedestrian.

  5. 1 week ago

    Because you're not discovering anything.

    You go to a place you know something is there because there's an icon there. In Fallout or ES you just walk towards whatever looks interesting. Here, nothing looks interesting, because it's just a list of system names and planets that don't give any indication of what you can expect.

  6. 1 week ago

    Fallout in space (except it isn't Fallout)

  7. 1 week ago

    Played for 30 hours or so, got tired of all the jank and how the exploration, what's meant to be the point of the game, is the worst part of the game. I really don't understand how anyone looked at landing on flat, featureless planets and running towards identical POIs for 5 minutes before spending 10 minutes clearing said POI full of generic enemies and loot before, and then repeating it.

    The fact that some ''''''people''''' here are saying they enjoy that makes me lose all hope for videogames.

    • 1 week ago

      If it's the worst part of the game perhaps that should be your signal that it's not the point of the game

      • 1 week ago

        That is the biggest cope I've ever heard.

      • 1 week ago

        what a retard you are

  8. 1 week ago

    Nah, I’ve been playing Bethesda games since I got morrowind in 2005 and this game is the first one i just flat out got bored of. I didn’t even make it 40 hours.

  9. 1 week ago

    Because it was designed by Microsoft employees. It's the most sterile, ESG-slurping, noggified, harmless, bullshit game world I've ever seen. And before anyone rightfully calls me a chud, I loved every minute of Bg3 which is almost as woke. But at least it manages to be an interesting and fun world with memorable characters. Unlike, 'welcome to the Black Girl Magic City. Let me introduce you to your companions':

    >le science hag
    >le black science man (but gay)
    >white cowboy raising his wife's black daughter

    Only tolerable one was the robot.

    • 1 week ago

      It was in development before Microsoft purchased them. This game sucks and their next will be worse.

      • 1 week ago

        yeah. might as well give up any hope tes6 and fo5 will be good.

        • 1 week ago

          Those games are never coming out I'm afraid

  10. 1 week ago

    Because it's the same shit but worse! Why else!!?

  11. 1 week ago

    Soulless is the best single word to describe this game. Whatever happened to enemy variety? All you get in this game is
    >Guys with guns
    >Alien bug that crawls up and damages you
    but wait there's more, what about space combat!
    >ship that shoots you
    Fucking Bravo Microsoft.

    • 1 week ago

      Yes because Fallout 4 and Skyrim had tons of creative enemies right? Oh wait...

      • 1 week ago

        >Dragon Priest
        >Dwemer Automatons
        >Ice wisps
        Fallout 4
        >Super Mutants
        Not to mention, you could do decapitations in both those games, Starfield is a downgrade in every sense of the word. Fuck yourself retard.

        • 1 week ago

          just a humanoid
          Okay, but everyone hated fighting them and they were insanely buggy
          >dragon priest
          generic caster
          generic ranged thing
          generic humanoid with poison
          generic humanoid
          generic humanoid (big)
          generic humanoid (big) (one shots you)
          generic melee animal
          they're just robots and have no unique mechanics
          just ranged/melee humanoids
          generic caster
          generic melee animal
          generic melee animal

          There's even less in Fallout 4 but you get my point. There's a lot of alien creatures in Starfield too, but they all just melee you or spit shit at you. There's no gameplay, strategy or any thought gone into any of them. You fuz-roh-dah them and hit them with whatever weapon is the highest damage until they die. If visual change is all you care about, then you can play shitty korean mmos where every mob has 50 reskins, more 'variety' there than in any Bethesda game.

          • 1 week ago

            I already knew you were retarded anon you didn't need to type all of that

            • 1 week ago

              Cool argument. It's okay to be easily entertained anon, honestly, I wish I was, too.

          • 1 week ago

            NTA but why are you being disingenuous?
            Obviously the first anon pretending dragur and bandits or mages and hagravens are different is retarded, but do you honestly think trolls operate on the same level as generic humanoids? They have different AI, different pathing, regenerate health so attrition doesn't work etc.
            And Dwemer not having unique mechanics? They have an enemy that does instant melee range damage to you when it dies, and enemies that spawn from the floor. Are these mechanics impressive? No, but don't lie and pretend they're not unique.

            Suprised though that no one mentioned wisp mothers, a very unique enemy.

            • 1 week ago

              >different AI
              No, they don't.
              >different pathing
              I don't think you even know what that is. No, they don't.
              >Regenerate health
              I mean, I guess? I never played on the bloated health difficulties so it never mattered, because again, you fight them exactly the way you fight any other humanoid, dodge their shitty wind up attacks and attack them.

              >Instant damage when it does
              I honestly don't even remember this but it's not unique. Fire atronachs also explode on death. And spawning from the floor? Really? Come on anon. That's as low as considering reskins a different enemy. There's obviously connotation to the term 'unique', let's not pretend to be stupid here.

              • 1 week ago

                >No, they don't.
                >I don't think you even know what that is. No, they don't.
                Please look them up in the creation engine. It's very easy to do, and will show you just how ignorant you are.
                >bloated health difficulties
                Oof. Install a combat mod easymode-kun, or change the values yourself because it's effortless. I guess you just drank the soup and spammed power attack right?
                >Not understanding the difference between delayed and instant suicide damage by citing flame atronachs .
                >moving the goalposts from better than starfield to meeting your abritrary standard of impressive.
                come on yourself anon. The original claim was starfield has less variety than skyrim. An enemy that makes me look at a situation differently is unique in my eyes.
                So I turn the question on you:
                With my incredibly easy to fulfill definition of 'variety', go ahead and let me know all the different varieties of enemies in starfield.

              • 1 week ago

                Your argument for me saying trolls' regeneration was completely ignorable was 'install mods' so I'm pretty sure the argument ended there, anon.

              • 1 week ago

                I accept your concession. Feel free to give me more (you)s at your earliest convenience.

      • 1 week ago

        They had far more than Shitfield, moron.

  12. 1 week ago

    Because it's not something creative like the Bionis, it's just some generic random thing.

  13. 1 week ago

    Stop using the word alien to mean talking blue bimbo you retarded anime moron

  14. 1 week ago

    Elder Scrolls and Fallout were worlds crafted by better writers and designers, people who no longer work at Bethesda. It's a lot easier to work in a world that you don't have to make yourself. These people are working on other games now.

  15. 1 week ago

    They forgot the "punk" part of "Nasapunk." Instead it's "NASA-Corpo"

  16. 1 week ago

    main story is just completely hands off retarded
    companions are boring and stale. way too many good guys who hate everything you do if you want to play a murderhobo, or even just morally questionable.
    random side quests sometimes lead you somewhere interesting, but the shit writing down the line immediately pulls you out of any immersion
    fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel v

  17. 1 week ago

    Do yourself a favour and play Dave the diver for a fun and novel experience. Playing slopfield is bad for your soul.

  18. 1 week ago

    I pirated Starfield, and gave the game a go, some quests were entertaining enough, while I skipped out on others. The major pull of the game seems to be looping as a starborn, getting stronger every loop. While the powers are cool, I fucking hate the fact that you have to screw around finding ALL the temples one by one every run, going to a planet, looking for the temple, and then doing that asinine zero g minigame, after that you return to the eye and repeat ad nauseam. The powers go up to level 10. What the fuck were they thinking? Who finds this fun? They should've just made it so all your powers are auto upgraded after you finish a loop.

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