19 thoughts on “Why does Valve love sucking chinese dick so much and why is uncle Timbo so based ?”

  1. if Tim always does the opposite of what Gaben does, then why doesn’t he kill himself? I mean obviously Gaben doesn’t attempt suicide

    • It’s a game with a cryptominer built in. Just like the ones people try to avoid when pirating, except in this case you pay for it and the person making money off of you throws you a penny now and then.

    • You play the "game" (usually worse than browser tier trash) to get NFTs then convince yourself they’re worth something.
      Sometimes they’ll also be casinos or prize draws where the ante is buying the game and playing it a bit.
      They’re a scam, basically.

  2. >People lose their shit when CS:GO crates and paid mods become mainstream
    >People lose their shit when Blockchain games are removed

    Holy shit dude. its like half of the people talking about this shit have no idea what a blockchain game entails in the first place, and what you can do with it.


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