22 thoughts on “Why haven’t you played Chinese Fire Emblem Three houses yet?”

  1. For one thing, it’s not really Fire emblem 3 houses.
    Heluo studios made their first cultivation+SRPG game 20 years ago.

    As for why people will not buy it, it’s Early Access without an english translation.
    Though the Translation for Tale of Wuxia was abhorrent, so it would still hard to convince people.
    I love the games personally, but hard to recommend.

    Finally, Genshin impact is ass, so if you want to convince people, find better arguments

  2. Looks cool, but no english and early access is gonna keep me away for now. If it gets out of EA and isn’t a piece of shit I’ll look into it.

    • A lot of them are only just now getting English translations. Tales of the immortal is good btw if you can stand jank and a heavy grind.

    • […]

      I can confirm that Heluo studio games have a dedicated fanbase in china at least.
      To the extend people were playing their 2 games for 15 years before an actual new entry over and over. And they got sad when they got screwed over publishing rights and art assets for Tale of Wuxia.
      For cockroach people, it was a very human sentiment.


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