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  1. Persona is a series written for middle schoolers with P5 only getting a 15+ rating because it mentions drugs a couple times.

  2. You can tell they didn’t really plan what would happen in the story past Futaba’s palace
    The biggest summary of P5’s writing is when they clearly and plainly foreshadow Akechi being the black mask with the "pancakes" line, and then rather than do anything interesting with it, they play it completely straight and have the gall to pretend like their "twist" was genuinely surprising and wasn’t something they themselves blatantly set up.

    It’s not a twist, it’s Chekhov’s fucking gun.

    • It’s not a mystery it’s a heist movie. It’s not meant to be a mystery twist, stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole

    • I have problems with P5, but Akechi being the traitor isn’t even really a twist. Hell, in the game over screen you can quite clearly hear that it’s him when Joker is shot.

      The real "twist" is that they knew all along and they were planning a counterattack. P5 is more akin to a heist movie, not some M Night thriller.

    • It’s not even remotely well written. It feels like a B grade seasonal anime or a discount young adult novel.

      It touches upon interesting themes, but doesn’t explore those themes very deeply. Even the moral conflict as to wheter changes people’s hearts is ethical gets quickly handwaved once Goro is revealed to be a one dimensional bad guy (a twist anyone could see coming a mile away).

      • It absolutely addresses it(and continues beating the dead horse in Royals and Strikers). Changing someone’s heart is not ethical and it is only throwing them back into Yaldabaoth’s jail. But allowing those distortions to run rampant is an even greater evil and ultimately the PT are just because they fought those distortions. The true power of social links saves society from demise even after the PT inadvertently aided Yaldy, because they also saved people along the way.

  3. Do you really expect an 80 hour long game to have a good story?

    How many tv shows have 80 hours worth of good episodes? On rare occasions if you are lucky, with great shows like Breaking Bad, you’ll get 40-45 hours of quality writing. But that is pretty much the most you’ll get for any tv show. No tv show has more than 5 or 6 seasons of quality writing.

    Also, for the record, I’ve never played this game. I’m just speaking common sense.

  4. The thing you need to understand about Persona 5 is that it is genuinely based on Japanese society. Persona 5 rings hollow in the west, because people are unaware of the cases of "esteemed Masters" stealing their student’s works, the sexual harrasment in schools and the broken legal and political systems.
    Persona 5 gets a lot better if you understand the social context, because all these things really DO happen in Japan.

    People who praise P5 without understanding the social critique are literally retarded, though.

    • I was aware of all of these and still feel like P5’s handling of these topics is juvenile.

      Probably the most interesting part of the plot was Yaldabaoth being the mastermind behind it all, but that was only thrown in there to remind you that you’re playing an SMT game with the Law vs. Chaos angle.

      Apart from that, the game is basically Scooby Doo for high schoolers.

      • >and still feel like P5’s handling of these topics is juvenile
        Because ultimately, it’s not about offering any solutions, it’s about showing that these problems exist and how nice it would be if people would just stop doing it.

        • The problem of the game is that people don’t ever do anything when they see something wrong in Japan, it’s the Japanese mentality to not get involved and to save face. The only thing P5 asks people to do is to take conscience, that alone is enough to put Shido in jail and keep Joker out.

  5. Because it’s more concerned with being a dating sim/high school sim than JRPG so you get egregious amount of filler and story circling the drain and it’s not like Persona is ever going to be provocative as long as the player’s character is a Gary Stu self-insert.

  6. Honestly fuck Persona, it has the pacing of a kingdom hearts game where everything important happens at the end with nothing in-between and everyone loves it.
    I’d argue Persona is even worse at it then KH because each game is like 60+ hours long on a first playthrough

  7. >g*me has a theme
    G*ming might be a bit too much for you, anons. Maybe some crayons and a coloring book would be better.

  8. the narrative of P5 and why sloth is the ultimate sin of the game, that people are both afraid and too lazy to stand up to justice and prefer looking away from injustices to not feel bothered. people don’t want to be bothered, they don’t want to get involved and pretend everything is fine with society. this is how society simply functions, which is why in every society it takes the trickster, who is actually outside and condemned by society, to see through the oppressive social norms and the conformity of everybody towards it to break them up from the inside, to challenge them and relax them.

    the entire game was inspired by the fukushima disaster and how the government tried to cover up their own mistakes without barely anybody protesting it or standing up to it, and hashino wanted to create a game the young people who see themselves as outsiders or social misfits to get involved and stand up for injustice, because it can actually make society better. every confidant is supposed to be another social misfit oppressed by society, and the game ends through every confidant and ally of joker’, all those misfits, coming together to tell the god of control (which is personifcation of the average person’s habit of just wanting to go by their day and not bother with politics or injustices, i.e. sloth) to fuck off and free people from their self-induced apathy.

    if you genuinely saw nothing meaningful in p5 you are a brainlet.

  9. It’s something that going through it you either have enough perspective to be able to connect the game’s relentless criminal justice debate to something you’ve seen or come to understand, or you aren’t, and you just spend the whole time having no way to parse anything that the writing is trying to get across, thinking to yourself why Ryuji has all these scenes where it sounds like he says basically nothing, why everyone was disagreeing with him in the casino arc intro, what the point of having another boss after Shido even was, etc. The reason why you have underaged that actually think the third semester is the only good writing in the game is because that plotline is a much easier sell to teenagers than the vanilla P5 narrative which is mainly aimed at working class young adults. The third semester asks the player to mull over having an ideal world and what they think is right about that, which is infinitely more accessible than asking someone to form an opinion on the right way to reform criminals.
    Same argument against the plot of Strikers too, which takes P5’s original narrative and deliberately truncates and rewrites it to be more appealing to teenagers. Much faster pacing, bigger focus on character events, bigger focus on what the PTs want to do when they’re out of high school, shilling university as this great thing, bigger focus on making the villains relatable and much less focus on the crimes they’ve committed to the point where it made all the villains besides one midgame a complete joke, mapping characters and ideas to emotions instead of sins, deliberate cutting down of almost all the focus on what the general public is thinking about as the story progresses, and so on. You don’t hear a peep of any of the ideas that culminated in that scene with the villain shadows in Mementos from the original game in Strikers, because teenagers won’t get anything out of any of it.

  10. Yes people do thing it’s well written, deep and meaningful.

    These people generally had no social life in their teenage years.

    They honestly believe citing gnomish mythology makes it deep and thought provoking.

    "It was right before Wakaba died, she told me "I think I’m going to die"

    Do people seriously think this is good writing?


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