56 thoughts on “Why is Samus’s new power suit so [spoiler]sexy[/spoiler]”

  1. I meant to go back and check but I never did.
    Is there anything in Kraid’s room that you can get after getting the gravity suit?

  2. samus in 3ds metroid is very feminine, i think is about her long and sexy legs and the way she walks..
    but on dread, fucking hell i love her new shoes

  3. fun fact: the artist who designed this version of Samus got fired early on and didn’t get any credit. MercurySteam did this with programmers too. They hired the best talent in Spain and then proceeded to either treat them like shit, pull tricks to pay them less than agreed, or outright fire them

  4. >Goku and Vegeta who have signature gold hair look get a new hair colour that’s blue
    >Samus who has signature gold suit look gets a new suit colour that’s blue
    Really gets noggin joggin.


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