18 thoughts on “Why was it so terrible?”

  1. They crammed all the important things of the game to the last 2 hours and it still took a DLC and a complete game to make sense.

    Ux is what KHIII should have been.

  2. >Tease the box in that Union Cross movie
    >Maleficent talks about it in the very first world
    >Even the organization members are seeking it
    >After credits scene finally shows us the box again, but nothing about what’s inside
    I’ll never not be mad about this. KH3 was supposed to be the epic conclusion to the long saga, but instead it felt like story buildupn for the next game much like how DDD felt like story buildup for KH3, and I can’t appreciate what’s going on in those games as a result. If they treat the next game like this I may consider jumping off this ride, there’s only so much bs I can put up with.

  3. I agree with OP. I thought it was terrible and was pretty disappointed by it, still had fun but it wasn’t as fun as KH2, also it lacked SOUL and I didn’t care for the artstyle and switch to the Unreal Engine. I didn’t care for some of the decisions that took place in the story like Eraquas hiding his soul in Terra or Xehanort just being like "Yeah, sorry" and ascending to heaven with his boyfriend and a bunch of other stupid shit.

    A lot of the worlds were pretty lame. The Frozen world sucked ass, actually most of the worlds sucked ass. Toy Story world was kind of fun though.

    • >A lot of the worlds were pretty lame

      And it’s going to get lamer because for quite a number of years now Disney has been making shitty movies. They really don’t have globally monumental iconic films anymore outside of Incredibles. And who even likes shitty movies like Leftist agenda Zootopia or boring ass Moana and don’t forget shit like Raya and here are your incoming worlds:

      With shitty looking films like these? No longer interested in Kingdom Hearts especially since the original story is shit. And that’s not even dealing with Frozen 2 which you know would also have the usual restrictions, and for what? A shitty movie like that? The novelty of Kingdom Hearts does not work with shit movies and an original story that has become way too trashy.

  4. -Not KH2 combat
    -Swapped the iconic art style with the ugly plastic look of unreal engine for some retarded reasons
    -combat is ass
    -plot resolution was boring and bad and underwhelming
    -established characters from previous entries do fuck all and job
    -sora is boring
    -made twenty years later

  5. It had to deal with ALL the subplots of all the many games at the same time as such Nomura’s bad writing was combined into a mountain of shit. And don’t say gameplay, most people buy these stupid games for the stories and characters. And the music was honestly lazy because it was a reusing a bunch of old melodies but remixed or in some cases combined.

    And you know what’s worse? The story manages to get worse in media after Kingdom Hearts 3 like Ventus, Larxene, and Marluxia being time travelers who forgot they time traveled. I sincerely hope that this franchise is ready to start selling badly. And I hope that the Nintendo Switch ports don’t sell well.

    • >It had to deal with ALL the subplots of all the many games at the same time as such Nomura’s bad writing was combined into a mountain of shit.

      This seriously turned me off the game. Having characters get revived for the sake of forcing a happy ending was trash. And Nomura having the nerve to say that Xehanort had honorable and good intentions simply made me angry given all the evil things he chose to do. And I don’t care about Yozora.

  6. Battle system doesn’t get fun until the post game. Story is fanfiction tier at best.
    More cutscenes than the MGS series, only these are far more boring.

  7. Combat was weightless and bland, levels were massive empty bores, story pacing was non-existent and ironically lacked of the heart from previous entries.


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