23 thoughts on “Will Toby be able top it? What do you think the final Alt Route Boss will be?”

  1. He’s going to top it by just flat out making sans a surprise primary antagonist. He might even make him the knight. It will come out of nowhere and all the 14 year olds will be pogging. Obviously he’ll switch sides and be good by the end, but the initial shock will be remembered for years.

  2. I doubt Toby will top that fight and i wouldn’t want him to try. I’m actually kinda worried the genocide route in deltarune is just going to retread undertale’s themes.

  3. >Final weird route boss
    It is not known.
    You will likely have to fight the angel, or at least its manifestation in every route.
    In the weird route, it will be a monster of your own making.
    Also Toby’s not gunna top sans in terms of difficulty, probly.


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