65 thoughts on “Win11 chads… go on without me…”

    • >The future is having to meet spec requirements to install an operating system
      Oh my god, that’s never been the case ever before

  1. This is how you install Win11 without TPM.


    Make sure you prep your flash drive with the iso this creates properly. I can’t be bothered explaining it, so you’ll need to fucking google it. Basically you make two partitions.

      • And finally, here are instructions for permanently turning off Windows Security/Defender so you can get back to pirating like a proper homosexual:


  2. >Do the clean install work around
    >In doing so, lost win10 and it’s product key because it wasn’t technically an "upgrade"
    >Now get that annoying watermark nag (that you can only get rid of for a few hours using a reboot batch file, but it comes right back)
    Was this whole requiring new processors thing just a way to get people to buy new license keys? For fucks sake

  3. >Launches with a scheduler crippling set up that impacts AMD performance
    >Update comes
    >Makes it 4-7x worse
    Win11 chads… I’m never joining you

  4. you can enable ftpm in the bios, but win11 currently slow amd cpu.
    let the npc beta tester do their job and wait 1 to 2 years than upgrade or switch to linux

    • I installed it today. There’s a workaround by deleting every mention of NPM in a dll file, also
      That being said, I’m finding more inconveniences than good new features. Good thing I only installed it in my laptop and not my main PC, I’ll probably wait until the Android update at the very least.


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