>work on game for reasonable amount of time

>work on game for reasonable amount of time
>leave company
>company omits your name from the credits
>credit stolen

Heads would roll if this was anything but a Nintendo game. Instead the fans are more concerned about people emulating/pirating the game than an apolitical industry issue.

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  1. >happens constantly in gaming industry
    >dev keep mouth shut because they don’t want to get blacklisted
    >last time there was any controversy it was for Kojima who was worshiped
    >dev of metroid dread doesn’t keep his mouth shut
    >story will go nowhere
    >dev will be blacklisted from ever working for anyone

  2. >sign contract that says "your name won’t be in the credits if you don’t work here for at least 25% of dev time"
    >leave company before you’ve been there for 25% of dev time
    are all spaniards this retarded

      • Don’t sign a contract with terms you don’t acknowledge the terms of. Additionally, it seems that the main dude in the initial report broke termination protocol to top it off. It’s also strange that people seem to feel that being in the credits is the only way to have proof of employment or to validate an inclusion of a project on your resume.

        • Because all these people moaning about it either don’t have jobs or have a CV with five lines in it and don’t understand you don’t list everything you do on it.

  3. >Heads would roll if this was anything but a Nintendo game.
    Zenimax did exactly that with John Carmack’s work on Doom 2016. He was the co-lead engine programmer and he’s also the reason Snapmap exists.

  4. >Work for huge publisher
    >they give you a chance to make a triple A game for them
    >Every single person you’ve hired to make that game somehow does not make it into the Gold you ship out to NInty for review
    >Ninty now tasked with finding out literally everyone who worked for the game or else they’re unfair bigots

    • game dev seems fucked as hell. Indie is too risky unless you already have an established reputation, and AAA gamedev is a shit ton of crunch and shitty work practices/culture for a quarter of the pay and twice the hours that high quality web dev or corporate software application development pay.

  5. >have a stated policy on work done for name in the credits
    >was very likely in the terms of your contract
    >bitch when it happens only because the game was a success
    Nothing’s stopping these people from still putting the game in their CVs

  6. Reminder that MercurySteam is not on Dread’s boxart not even on the backside nor are they even on the title screen. For all intents and purposes a casual consumer looking at the game would assume it was an in-house Nintendo title.

  7. windows developers don’t get credited, apple developers don’t get credited, 99% of website developers don’t get credited. who the fuck gives a shit if some homosexual that worked a company for a month or less doesn’t get credited on a game?

  8. >company requires you to notify them 40 days beforehand if you want to leave
    >leave without previous notice
    >bitch about it having consequences

    • >Did you work on a game?
      >Ok here is your name on the credits. This may also help you in future career prospects.
      Simple as.
      >Why should I care?
      Nobody’s asking you to.

  9. Code monkeys are expendable and worth less than their paycheck, the opinions of expendables who couldn’t follow orders well enough to keep a job are worth nothing

    • >cant pursue other opportunities or else credit stolen because you didnt meet the company’s arbitrarily decided amount of time you have to be on the project to get credited

      • You put games you worked on on your CV anon? No, you out the company and the duration you worked there.
        Go donate to Patreon if you want to be credited something


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