• It was subtly hinted at with the dragon cave mouth a couple of screens below that led to an energy tank, to show that that room wasn’t what it seemed, but I still agree that it was bullshit.

  1. “This is bad game design” says the extremely low IQ and unemployed PS2 era developer. Seriously watching his videos is brutal. I’m guessing the marijuana fucked with his brain or perhaps he was always really low IQ

  2. Yeah there’s a map hint, but it’s also a glass tube and I think the designers never thought 2000s autism would rise to the level of obliviousness where you wouldn’t try to smash a glass tube be setting off a giant bomb inside of it.

  3. I watched some blind lets plays and pretty much everyone figures it out. The most important part is that there’s a one-way exit from Maridia that dumps you out right beside this tube. The only other way back into Maridia is the opposite side of the whole map. Most people start spamming every attack they have out of desperation and it ends up working.

    Also, they show you how to break it in the demo gameplay that plays automatically if you don’t press anything on the title screen.

    • To be fair, the fact that they literally show it to you on the demo tells you that they know they fucked up. It should have had some enemies running around, or they should have placed the other broken tube that’s somewhere else right next to it so it’s more clear what you have to do.

    • That brings back so many repressed memories. Dropped a lot of runs there because my dumbass kid brain couldn’t into timing.

    • see the broken tube earlier in the game, retard.

      How was I supposed to know I should let this enemy alive so it would break the sand wall if there wasn’t anything like that before in the game? The enemy is right in front of the player as soon as he enters the room, it doesn’t make sense not to shoot and wait like 10 seconds to see what it is going to do. I don’t think the tube is a problem since you have those plataforms that make it obvious that you would go up or down there sometime, but I did get stuck in the sand wall and had to look it up. I didn’t even think of not killing the enemy.

        • You kind of have a point, but I never had to do anything with enemies besides killing them, the game should have made it somewhat clear that they destroyed sand blocks. The enemy is right in front of the player when he walks in and kinda far away from the blocks, its not that intuitive. I honestly thought I needed an upgrade to go through the sand.

          • >I never had to do anything with enemies besides killing them

            You have to freeze some enemies to use as platforms. Others can be hooked onto with the grapple beam. Then there’s the fireflies which you go out of your way *not* to kill because if you kill too many of them the room goes pitch black.

        • My problem is that when I play Metroid, I want to sneak around and conserve ammo like it’s Resident Evil, not dash through spamming fire and shitting bombs like an autist.

          • >sneak around and conserve ammo like it’s Resident Evil
            What in the fuck? Why the hell would you ever do that?

          • >Playing the game normally is autistic but trying to forcefully play the game in a way that isn’t normal isn’t autistic
            Just stop, you’re making it worse for yourself the more you talk.

          • >My problem is that when I play Metroid, I want to sneak around
            I think I found the target audience for the shitty EMMI sections in Dread where they try to make you do slow underwater stealth.

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