50 thoughts on “You are now remembering LawBreakers.”

  1. this game was kinda fun mechanics wise but I hated the characters and the game modes
    I just wanted to shoot motherfuckers
    also this game ran like ass, you can’t make an arena shooter have steep requirements and cost $30

  2. the official art also sucked ass
    nobodys attracted to closeups of a persons face where you can see their pores/pockmarked skin

    • It played pretty decent from what I remember.
      The genre was just very crowded at the time and Overwatch completely sucked up all the market share via much better marketing and more friendly/colorful aesthetic. Every Lawbreakers character was an ugly goblino whereas Overwatch porn is still being made to this day.

        • The first two hours of that game’s existence were relatively high. Wasn’t it like 10k-15k people playing that shit at the same time?
          And then… 500 people playing the game, with numbers plumbing even lower each day.
          It took, like, less than two weeks for it to finally die.

          • that’s because cliffyb paid a bunch of streamers to play it
            I think there was some kind of streamer tournament too

          • I don’t recall Cliffy paying streamers to play it, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

            The "X-TREMELY EARLY ACCESS" killed it. Buildings you clipped through the ground, cover issues, etc. It just was too under cooked for them to try to ask for money for it to save the company.

            It probably would’ve done slightly better than Lawbreakers if Cliffy stopped development of that in-mid-stream and did the BR instead.

    • >to become proprietor of a restaurant
      The thing is, he owned some restaurants even before trying to make lawbreakers and even before leaving epic.
      But it is still funny that he was btfo so hard, twice (you now remember Radical Heights and Cliff’s words on how he’d never make battle royale game), he had to go back to restaurant business not attempting another piece of vidya to this day.


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