21 thoughts on “You fuckers loved overwatch 2016 and now you hate it?”

  1. >release a get rich quick scheme with loot boxes
    >lootboxes start getting banned and scrutinized
    >make a new get rich quick scheme with esports
    >viewership tanking so hard you literally have to pay for bots and give out skin tokens

    It was never meant to be a fun game, it was meant to get them money fast for a fraction of work. They accidentally struck lightning but they shit the bed and it fell off a fucking cliff

  2. Blizzard’s idea of balancing a game is to make every character as boring and unplayable as the least viable character, rather than bringing the less viable characters up to the level of the best ones.

  3. No we didn’t. You’re confusing liking porn with liking the game. Couple dozen casuals play it for guilty pleasure but that’s it.

  4. Yes?

    Overwatch when they added Ana was in it’s most perfect form. Too bad there was no way to preserve the game at that point. After Ana they started adding completely useless characters that broke the entire synergy of the game and it became an oversaturated mess of characters doing too much of the same thing (too many shields, too many medics, too many dps, etc) tha the team just gave up on the core idea of hero-swapping altogether

    • it was doomed from the start honestly. Too many braindead retards just don’t "get" the concept of switching heroes mid-game to combat what the enemy team is currently doing. Everyone is so focused on their main and will not listen to anyone telling them to switch.

  5. Launch OW was pure soul, the porn was great, gameplay was a free for all fest then they fucking tried to make it into an esports and it became souless as shit.

    • this

      The force queue system was basically a fuck you you can’t have unique teams anymore and you must play the way we want which made it super boring and the queue system fucked up the whole thing up.

      It was fine in competitive but not in quick play or casual play of all things.

      It’s not super boring.


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