49 thoughts on “You guys play Rocksmith?”

    • It’s a guitar game. What else are guitars used for if not boomer rock? Boomer soul and funk? You think anyone would make a game about black guitar music?

    • Base 2014 edition comes with some Boston, Aerosmith, Kiss, Queen. Can’t recall it having much else. The dlc has as much boomer rock as you can stomach though, but due to licensing is missing some obvious stuff like The Eagles and Journey.

    • Yeah I’m new. Bought the game and a guitar years ago, played for a couple months and then completely dropped it.
      Got a new guitar a week ago and been playing daily.

    • That depends entirely on wether or not you like to play guitar.
      The game claims it can teach you to play guitar but there’s no substitute for a teacher. If you want to learn, the game might help but you’ll need a teacher.
      If you just want to play along to songs you like, absolutely worth it.

  1. had no idea this game had a PC version. might need to get it since my guitars are gathering dust. do you think if i buy a Real Tone Cable it’ll work on the new version?

    • The PC version is the best version because of custom DLC.
      There’s thousands of songs created and uploaded by fans you can play.
      Also, I think it will work but I’m not 100% sure since during E3 they showed people playing it on a phone. It might require a mic or something else.

        • >using a mobile phone mic
          >using a mobile phone mic as a peripheral for a fucking rhythm game
          I hope some gets fired for the blunder.

          • The idea makes sense for stuff like acoustic guitars. The real problem was you have to have the phone and game on the same network and it doesn’t recognise a pc connected by ethernet.

          • the first two games already supported microphones if you wanted to play with an acoustic.

            Between mic quality and wireless latency, the mobile phone mic plan never should have made it past the idea stage.

          • Their whole live service bullshit with rocksmith+ should be scrapped while the entire music industry should stop being fucking stasi corporate homosexuals and just let people have fun with music

    • >if i buy a Real Tone Cable it’ll work on the new version?
      Mine worked for the beta of the new one, but that beta really sucked.

        • God I love Boston like you wouldn’t believe but fuck ubisoft for holding out on the rest of the songs for this shitty live service paypig bullshit

          • The worst part is that their plan isn’t even "pay sub, get all songs".
            It’s "pay sub, get a selection of songs on rotation".
            Which is pretty much the worst idea ever.

        • I already have all the Boston DLCs in 2014. It wasn’t the song list that was the problem with the beta (although it didn’t help), it was the terrible menus, the actual in game notation being harder to read, not detection being worse than before, the notation being plain wrong sometimes: all meant to sell you on their atrocious new business model.

    • It was delayed to 2022.
      Although I’m skeptical about it because it’s gonna be monthly subscription shit. That will mean no more CDLC and no pirating. CDLC is like the majority of what I play now.
      Unless they give artists and record labels an idiot proof way to upload their songs like Spotify did and it had a selection so wide I don’t need CDLC anymore, I will pay, but I doubt it.

      • I’m hoping a pirated version has some kind offline song gallery so that it would be easier to put cdlc in it

        second question, how easy it is to pirate DLC? im not paying £2.50 per song

        It’s pretty easy, all songs come in like a psarc file form that you just put in a folder with other Cdlc songs after doing the one or two requirements to activate the C-DLC function

        You can use an audio interface if you have one

        I heard that most interfaces have a higher latency than the cable though, can’t test it myself since I only have the cable.

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    I got it but most Sum41 songs are in a different tuning from standard E so I hardly play them. I’m too lazy to tune my guitar for every song.


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