19 thoughts on “>you’ll buy my remake, won’t you anon?”

  1. I don’t mind if we get a remake or a new game, i just want a new FE game.
    I only hope that they don’t use the same artist that worked on 3H for the portraits.

  2. >have a waifu so hot for you she canonically travels time and different dimensions looking for your dick
    mark is a lucky lad

  3. Absolutely, but I want a 6 remake first. I also hope the stories are changed a little bit so that 7 doesn’t retcon and affect 6 in the illogical ways that it does.

    • >Nintendo gonna make them boost next console release?
      I’m fully expecting Ninten to milk the Swtich as long as the 3ds. My money is the next game will be on Switch

    • 3H already sold well on the Switch. The engine is already there, which I assume has to be the biggest hurdle to developing a new game, and they know they already have a market.
      I’m nearly certain we’ll get news next year, and I’m even somewhat sure we’ll get a new game outright.

  4. Is this a Lyn coomer thread or a what you want the fabled re-make to fix?
    For me it’s
    >Lyn gets the +20/25 crit on promotion like swordmasters do
    >Supports are either done per chapter/map screen, or the amount of turns taken to rack them up are significantly lessened.
    >epilogue with Roy, and Lilina has an older version of Lyn, or whichever pegasus knight they marry.
    >Farina is available on Eliwood mode
    >The Ocean seal, and the 20k G used to hire Farina are exempt from your funds ranking.
    >effective damage of weapons buffed back up to 3x
    >Enemies have their luck stat boosted on harder difficulties
    There’s possibly an argument for letting the lords use their secondary weapons from base, so Lyn doesn’t get counter attacked so often, Eliwood gets javelins from whenever you can buy them, and Hector gets better hit vs myms and mercs, but I can go either way on that one, if it’s at risk at making it too easy


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