62 thoughts on “Z.E.R.O S.U.I.T”

  1. So Samus is now
    > Part smart Chozo, part meathead Chozo
    > Part Metroid
    > Part X (twice now) which includes more information from smart Chozo
    > Part human
    Samus’ DNA must look like fucking spaghetti at this point. How is she still alive?

  2. >Nintendo execs working 1000s of hours to make a 10/10 new Metroid game
    >I walk in to board room meeting baked, in my pajamas
    >dude, just make a scary alien open world 3rd person survival horror
    >oh yeah put her in the zero suit the whole time. Make her sexy af.
    >I walk away then come back
    >I forgot after you beat game the post game has you collecting your suit and all power ups and then you fight at og bosses.

    Saves Metroid for another 20 years

  3. How come when you die in the games the power suit explodes and it reveals the zero suit? Isn’t the zero suit part of the power suit? Shouldn’t it reveal what she’s wearing underneath the zero suit like in Super Metroid and Fusion?


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