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  1. I’m currently over 10 hours, going back through to get all items before the final boss. I only use guides when I absolutely cannot figure something out so some of the Shinespark puzzles straight up took me a half hour or so (15 minutes to figure it out and then 15 to practice and actually succeed). Some of the bosses also kicked my ass, taking about a dozen tries.

    Most of my casual friends who just do the main story and don’t waste time getting every item end at about 7 hours, so it’s not an incorrect statement, but completionists take longer and that’s not counting replay value which Dread has a ton of.

    Autists are just trying to be disingenuous pretending like 7 hours is the only entertainment you’ll get from the game. You can beat every Resident Evil game in under 5 hours, but nobody complains because of the replay value, so why is Metroid any different?

  2. >14 hours if you 100% it
    How fucking slow are you? I was lost for an hour in the game and am approaching 100% (95%) at 8 and a half hours.

    Still enjoyed the game immensely.

  3. I played until the invincible dudes you have to run away from. I’ll finish it some dat, but I didn’t pay for it anyways and got other shit to play.

  4. I just started and HOLY FUCK I HATE EMMIS ALREADY

      • I did the tutorial. No matter what, I can never seem to get them to go away. No matter how slowly or quietly I try to move, or patient I try to be, it seems to always patrol within a single screen away, then immediately come my way whenever I need to make a jump (which I obviously have to do often).
        Since subtlety seems to get nowhere, each zone is instead a mad scramble for the right exit which is just a headache.

    • Games weren’t cheap, can’t find a cost for Super Metroid specifically but I imagine it was anywhere between 50 to 80 dollars depending on when and where you bought it.

  5. what’s even wrong with 7 hours? all the metroid games are short. I’m not even a speedrunning type but I could beat ZM in like 2 or 3 hours as a kid.

  6. It’s a good game and I’m enjoying it.
    But hell if I’m spending $60 on a 7 hour game.
    >But if you run around getting all the missile packs–
    No thanks.

    • This is holding me back. And it’s a problem with every first party ninty game it feels like. And they hold value for fucking ever.

  7. Alot of the backtracking is really tedious because what they do is lock you out of the game until after you’ve beaten it, ala fusion. I wish I could do it more thoroughly when I’m in the sectors.

  8. yeah my playthrough was 12 hours
    might do hard mode eventually too (though it’s really gay that you can’t just start on hard mode; really sick of that shit)

    • hollow knight sucks
      it has boring upgrades and pats itself on the back for being "2d darksouls". Its a metroidvania with uninteresting upgrades and tons of dog shit combat "playstyles",
      BUT OOOH you slowly channel a heal and have to pick up your worthless wallet after you die, pffffff what a 10/10 instant classic

      fuck you, scrote

    • A low runtime isn’t exactly a bad thing. Especially when a title encourages you to play it over and over, in your own way. Chrono Trigger is about 18 hours for the main story, and that’s considered by many to be one of the best games of all time. The Mega Man Zero games run for less than 10 hours a piece for "completionist" runs, and I’ve put 100 or more hours into them.

      I recently played Tales of Arise, which is by all metrics a 50 hour game just like the rest in that franchise, and I’ll likely never touch it again. That feels more like a waste of my money than something like any Metroid title I’ve bought so far, because I put many more hours into those games in part because they’re short from start to finish and allow me to learn different things with new approaches in new playthroughs.

  9. There’s this weird phenomenon in Metroid games where, while I’m playing, I genuinely forget Samus is supposed to be a girl and start referring to the thing on the screen as "dude" and such in my head.

    • No. What Nintendo SHOULD do is make a anniversary collection of the following akin to Castelvania and Megaman collections on the Switch:
      >Zero Mission
      >Return of Samus
      >Super Metroid
      >Metroid Fusion

      Also they should release Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Switch coupled with upscaled version of Hunters with new controls as well.


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