Ganker is a hybrid community driven / editorial platform for video game news and discussion.

Have what it takes to do a Featured story?

Would you like to spend all day playing videogames, eat lavish foods, and hang out with beautiful people? Would you like an open forum to share your superior knowledge of all things vidya game, putting forth little to no effort and getting paid butt-loads of cash for it? Yes? Well, so would we, but that doesn’t happen here.

If you enjoy creating video game content by conducting interviews, dreaming up original takes, and delving into the dustier parts of video game history, then Ganker might have a spot for an amazingly gifted individual such as yourself.

We are looking for those with a passion for gaming and the blogging medium. If you find that your strength is your witty sense of humor, run with it like a pair of scissors down a poorly lit hallway. Conversely, if you suck at entertaining others, inform the hell out of them and you’ll do just fine. Get in touch.

Examples of the kinds of posts we're most interested in (by no means comprehensive):

Video game history

History that relates to gaming

Explorations of unusual trends, subcultures, or genres

Interesting listicles

Strong hot takes, controversial opinions, and essays casting something in a new light

Video game related science and number crunching

The tragic, bizarre, or screwed up -- in short: WTF

Explorations of art/aesthetics/themes

Cool or unusual miscellany that relates to video games

We're also interested in guides and how-tos that are either supremely useful or unusual, nostalgia trips, post-mortems, and interviews. We generally don't bother with reviews or news items unless there's something special about them -- millions of sites already cover these to death.

You will be fully credited and we're happy to link and promote your stuff in your blurb.

We're also open to sponsored posts and reviews. Email us to talk.

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