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  1. Pick rod to be the strongest at max level. You get an additional MP. This is more effective than you might think because spell effectiveness is determined by your max MP. So basically it’s MP but also your Magic Power stat. Pick rod if you plan to lvl to max.
    Pick shield to get all the useful abilities much earlier. You get additional item slots, which are ok but not that big a deal. You generally dont use items unless something has gone wrong. Pick shield if you don’t plan to lvl to max.
    Don’t pick sword.
    For dropping, it doesnt really matter. It only affects a few attribute points which can all be permanently boosted by crafted consumable items later in the game.

  2. >playing on proud mode, what should i choose?
    You might have to grind early on so you don’t get oneshoted. Gets far better once you get guard.

  3. +Staff -Sword is my usual fun. Magic is so satisfying to use in Kingdom Hearts, especially spamming Thundaga and Graviga on everything.

    • Day gives you more levels early on but kneecaps you later, mid-day is balanced, night kneecaps you early on but gives you more levels later.

    • Dead of night is the best. It reaches level 45 the fastest, whereas you’re probably going to want to be around level 50 to beat the game anyway. And you need 71,524 fewer experience points to reach level 100 if you start in the dead of night versus midday.

  4. Sword will get you attack-related abilities much sooner
    Staff will give you an MP point you can’t get otherwise and magic-related abilities sooner
    Shield will get you an item slot you can’t get otherwise and defense/utility-related abilities much sooner
    Dropping sword will make basic attacks stinky
    Dropping staff will make your magic shittier
    Dropping shield will give you glass bones

    Scan (see HP) is considered a Magic ability and you’ll learn it at level 9 with the rod, 12 with the shield, and 15 with the sword, for reference

  5. Never the sword. You have to decide for yourself whether you’d rather have 3 extra MP or one extra item slot. Personally, I’d take the item slot, since accessories and make up for lost MP and then some, and nothing can get you back that item slot.

  6. I took staff and dropped the shield and it was the biggest mistake of my life. Being able to spam gravity like 50 times in a row was cool as fuck though.

    • really… ? the biggest mistake in your life… from a children’s video game sseries… ? the worst thing to ever happen to you must have been your parents getting divorced in their suburbian home…

      • Picking the staff and dropping the shield WAS the biggest mistake of my life, but now it’s going to be replying to your post.

      • >really… ? the biggest mistake in your life… from a children’s video game sseries… ? the worst thing to ever happen to you must have been your parents getting divorced in their suburbian home…

  7. Man I am now remembering just how terrible the beginning hours of Kingdom Hearts 1 is. I mean it definitely gets way better but the weird dreamlike sequences and the islands plus the first stage is a chore and a half. Stops me from replaying every time

        • every second on the island was kino it was so comfy and perfect. i wissh i lived on that island and explored the mysterious caves wtih my gf.

        • My parents bought me the strategy guide when they got me the game and I think it’s probably the only reason my 10 year old dumbass self was able to get past the island.

    • it’s literally the coolest part and what hooked many people on the game
      >game seems to just be a fun game about hangin out with your buds on a deserted island away from the adults
      >quickly shows it’s not at all what you think

      it sets the entire pace for the entire series

    • It adds complexity to the game and the fact that the game isn’t telling you what’s going on makes the mechanic seem more interesting.

        • I don’t know if you’ve ever played a video game before, but the idea is that at first you don’t know what’s going on and how things work, and then with experience you figure it all out and master the game. Many people find this process fulfilling.

          • >lose item slots if you pick the wrong thing in the first minute of the game
            >i-ii-i-i-i-its experience its good its fulfilling!
            its retarded

          • What am I supposed to be coping with? I first played the game 18 years ago and have known the meaning of the weapons about that long as well. The game would be made worse if the disembodied voice told you what you’re choosing; the mystical quality of the tutorial is part of the appeal of Kingdom Hearts.

          • >lose item slots
            Silly scrote, you’re not owed that item slot, it’s a bonus for choosing that gameplay path. You don’t have it with the sword, you don’t have it with the rod, only with the shield. Are you also losing the extra MP from picking the rod if you don’t choose it?

          • No, because you can cap MP in the other two still, you can cap Strength in the two non-Swords still, you CANNOT cap accessories in any other progression.

          • >never played an RPG in his entire life
            Oh no, I didn’t roll high strength in Baldur’s Gate! THE GAME LOCKED ME OUT OF HITTING AN EXTRA 5 DAMAGE

          • >game gives choice with no information to create artificial complexity
            >search for "[game] best [choice]"
            >pick best option
            What was the point?

          • >artificial complexity
            >>search for "[game] best [choice]"

            Fucking secondary. When KH came out, nobody was searching for the "best option". I didn’t even have the internet at the time.

            A game tying cryptic, mystical questions and decisions to RPG progression is fucking great.

          • As this thread has illustrated, the best choice is a matter of opinion. And all complexity is artificial: it’s a video game.

          • I haven’t played KH but shield seems objectively the best from what I’ve seen in the thread. The other two can be made up for, the shield has an item slot that you can’t get otherwise

          • The item slot stops being so important after the early game and the other two have objective advantages themselves. Shield is the "safe" choice, this is by design.

          • and the Staff has +MP that can’t be made up for. As mentioned earlier, this gives an increase to how much you can cast AND how much damage it does.

    • I believe it really just effects how fast or slow you gain experience. They only did it in the first game though so you don’t ‘really’ loose any stats or gain others. If i remember correctly

    • It’s interesting and fun and cool

      Kh1 is unironically a masterpiece, shame the final mix release and sequels are such cringe, you really do have to emulate the original PS2 release for a good experience

  8. I started at night and took staff dropped sword I believe last time I played on proud. The beginning is a bit rough but after the initial difficulty curve you get strong as fuck.

  9. I don’t think it matters TOO much, outside of what level you gain access to certain abilities. There might be a couple exclusive abilities for each path, I can’t remember.
    I’m almost certain that the shield is just bad and not worth taking.

    • >I don’t think it matters TOO much
      it matters a lot in proud mode
      >I’m almost certain that the shield is just bad and not worth taking.
      it’s literaly the opposite.

    • Choose either Staff or Shield, always drop Sword.

      Staff gives 2 more MP bars that you would never get otherwise. Shield gives an extra Equipment slot that you also never get other wise.Sword just gives more STR when leveling but you can craft STR boost to reach cap.


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