68 thoughts on “Any other Danganronpa fans struggling to get into Ace attorney? It’s just so slow paced and low st…”

  1. It’s funny because it was the opposite for me. I will admit I’ve fallen asleep plenty of times throughout my playthrough of AA.

  2. No, I swallowed the first 3 games like a fucking whore. Really quickly realized that because the games are so old, sometimes using a guide is just a fuccking good thing. Then I played the forth entry and that one is interesting, the magician girl is trying her hardest to carry, but the game is just fucking bad. Every single worst case in a row. Burned out after that.

    But what you should do is to play the fucking zero escape games like you are told to you stupid fuck.

    • I’m in the middle of playing 999. Is there a point to the puzzles? Because I want to do the story, but the puzzles kind of get in the way. I’d be fine with them if they were story relevant, but it seems they aren’t.

      • Just you wait and just do your puzzles. Play to the end, that and the sequels are games that I don’t want to spoil fucking anything about.
        Puzzles in the next game are worse

        • So why not just watch it on youtube? Really if there are a point I’d be willing to do them, but not a signle puzzle has been called back so far.

      • There’s a critical story element to the overall concept of the puzzles. But the puzzles themselves are mostly forgettable besides the one with the mannequins with swappable limbs in 999.

  3. Is someone trying to pit Danganronpa against Ace Attorney? That sucks, I like both series, and I could always do with more in the same genre.

  4. The high stakes in DR mean nothing when you don’t care about 90% of the characters. Seriously. And some overstayed their welcome way too long. I was wishing for 3/5 of each of the surviving cast members to die the whole game.

  5. Makes sense, DR has a brainlet story and brainlet premise so getting into something with actual good writing could be a challenge

        • There in a death game in which they are equipped with bracelets that inject poison and kill you immediately if you break their code. Kyoko’s task was not killing Makoto before her time limit ran out, and obviously she didn’t and died.

          It turns out one of the girls was an Ultimate botanist or whatever and was able to cure her poison even though we SAW everyone who was poisoned DIE as soon as they were injected. Kyoko had to have been poisoned for hours. It’s such blatant plot armor (for ultimately nothing) and just one of the many flaws in that anime.

          • Well obviously a poison that killed a 7 foot 300 pound man in less than 10 seconds would take far longer to kill a 90 pound teenage girl

          • Sometimes I wonder if that show was bad on purpose. If it was all a prank. V3 makes that a little more believable, but it was probably just a clumsy production.

  6. but both series’ are slow paced as fuck.
    Anyway, grab yourself a nice ds lite or dsi xl and hop on a nice long bus journey, an hour each way at least, play a little with your headphones in. Take a nice walk go home and solve the case in your bed laying down

    peak cosy

  7. Ace attorney characters are lovable and have great design
    Shitronopa has just tropey weeby ass-looking characters with zero personality

  8. >Japanese
    >"Video game"
    >Anorexic content
    >Extra spicy
    >Extra mild
    >living life on the edge
    >i seriously hope you guys don’t do this

    • The OP clearly meant in the context of the story. In that case, no game or really any story in existence can beat that argument, since you could argue that if you just stop reading/watching technically the characters could be ok.

      • Ok well then danganronpa has less stakes because the threat is always "If you dont solve the mystery, everyone dies!" and we know that if that happens the story is obviously over.
        Meanwhile ace attorney the threat is "If you dont solve the mystery, the defendant goes to jail" and since the story can continue after that, its always a potential possibility

        • This is true. Though since people (even the protagonist) can die, they are pretty decent stakes, it’s just that they are pretty predictable.

    • This. If I put in the time to get past the beginning I would probably like the series.

      Both series step aside for Zero Escpae minus ZTD

  9. Objectively, how is danganronpa, outside 2 or 3 cases, not low stakes?
    >The Blackened must try to outsmart close to/at least a dozen other people, each a genius at a certain type of task or ability. They also are all working against you.
    >Monokuma lets you know exactly the cause of death (Unless it woukd give away the blackened) and deliberately sabotages your plan so there will always be a way to find you.
    >The Blackened has no allies besides people they can manipulate whose brains are permanent consolation prizes, and even then they are still a liability.
    >Even morally the blackened can never have an actual legitimate reason to murder anyone, so it’s hard to feel sympathy for the blackened if he is willing to commit murder, and put the lives of several children in danger just to fulfill his goal. At least in Ace attorney, there are plenty of trials that you could argue the victim had it coming.
    > There are bros with ultimate luck abilities who can sabotage everything just because.
    >Hell, obviously everyone couldn’t be punished because otherwise there’d be no story anyway.

    • Also the outcome is based on mob vote that just has to be majority rather than unanimous, so as soon as more suspicion falls on them than anyone else they’re pretty much fucked even though for gameplay reasons you have to keep going to solve the full mystery

      • Eh, that’s not really a knock against because usually the blackened leads a few red herrings anyway. So it’s still risky because your vote might potentially be falling right in the Blackened’s hands.

    • >At least in Ace attorney, there are plenty of trials that you could argue the victim had it coming.
      Well, even the most sympathetic culprits in AA are almost always fine with letting an innocent person go down for a capital crime they committed. Of course, that’s not was bad as being complicit in a dozen teenagers being brutally murdered, but still.

  10. Just you, Ace Attorney feels much faster paced than DGR to me, though I do not care what’s going on in DGR until someone dies 90% of the time.

  11. >low stakes
    i like danganronpa but come on man, that shit has no stakes at all.
    >Mess up somehow
    >"Shimatta, i messed up somehow"
    >"would you like to retry one more time"

  12. Yes.
    I never understood why people compare both of the games, they are nothing alike.

    I can’t imagine someone who liked danganronpa liking Ace attorney, maybe I played the wrong one, i dunno, but I hated it

  13. >purposefully goes out of his way to pay danganshitter
    >becomes brain damaged by its bottom of the barrel qualities
    >cant enjoy other media
    sounds about right
    you degenerates would rather just rp anyway

  14. >low stakes
    Then I guess you’ll like the later games where you go to Ghost Nepal and solve an international conspiracy and if you lose a case there you’ll be executed


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