38 thoughts on “Are there any good prebuilt gaymen PC’s out there? Yes I’m too retarded to build my own.”

  1. If you’ve ever played with legos then you’re fully capable of building your own pc. Here you go bro, use these sites to plan your build:

  2. >all these retards telling you to build one yourself

    what year is it? 2017? you literally cannot buy a GPU unless it’s in a prebuilt or you pay scalper’s prices on Ebay. And this isn’t likely to change until maybe 2022, or even 2023. Crypto and chip shortages have 100% fucked up the market.

    I went to best buy last week or the week before. there were people camped out in front like it was a new console release. I asked what they were there for, and it was literally just a shipment of nvidia cards that was supposed to arrive in TWO. DAYS. These fuckers camped out for three days straight just for a CHANCE that they might get a GPU. Best Buy wouldn’t even tell them how many were coming, so there was a good chance that people in the back of the line wouldn’t get a card.

  3. Bought a prebuilt as my only way to a 3070. Don’t regret it
    Prebuilt in question is now out of stock so I’m glad I went for it when I could

  4. Don’t buy prebuilt desktops from OEMs, those would be HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc.
    They produce and procure their own parts, which more often than not, utilizes form factors, or connectors, which are not standardized, which means, that if your power supply dies, the whole PC is out of luck, because a normal PSU would not be able to connect to the motherboard, for instance.

    This isn’t even the worst one he’s tested in recent times. That award goes to Dell.

    I would recommend building it yourself, as you can genuinely trust yourself to do it correctly, as you will look over everything in great detail.

    If it is not possible, so far, in recent testing, "SI" or ‘system integrators’ are delivering a product that isn’t a pile of e-waste, as the components are standardized, off the shelf components that are replacable, but there are still things to avoid amongst SIs.

    Check out this video.

    The ABS Challenger managed to do fairly well in these tests, even if this is still miles below what any self-respecting system builder would consider okay.

  5. Do you or your friend live next to a Micro Center because I never heard anybody on ‘Ganker or the rest of Ganker complain about buying prebuilts from Micro Center.

    Micro Center sells their prebuilt computers under the PowerSpec brand name.



  6. https://www.memorypc.de/gaming-pc/mid-range/552/gaming-pc-intel-i5-10400f-6×2.90ghz-16gb-ddr4-gtx-1050-ti-120gb-ssd-1tb-hdd-win-10-home?c=43

    very budget but should suffice for 1080p, 30fps medium high gaymen

  7. >have a custom desktop
    >sold 5700xt to miner because amd drivers suck
    >have no gpu, ryzen with no onboard graphics
    >buy gaming laptop with money i got from gpu
    >hook it up to same monitor, keyboard mouse and headphones
    >laptop way better than a computer i built for ~1000
    comfy af imo

  8. Instead of telling people you’re too stupid tell them it’s the only way you could get a reasonably priced GPU. You’ll probably need to add an extra stick of ram or something to prove your not retarded though.

  9. No because they cheap out on parts and give you god awful cases with terrible airflow that will kill your pc. You’ll get shitty timing ram, a slow ssd, a bad mobo, a less than bronze rated psu, and a no name aftermarket gpu. Itll be cheaper than building a pc right now but the parts are terrible and can’t be reused for a future upgrade.

  10. Yes, and they do offer better price-to-performance ratio at this moment, thanks to the parts shortage.
    You still need to know how to read specs in order to not get scammed.


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