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  1. >Devourer hitting with hook when it returns
    >Deadwood PK/Ult sound/effect scaring the shit out of you
    >The fun of Torturer when compared to the abject shit that is Leshrac
    >Old Blood Chalice
    >Christmas music in the menu
    HoN was fucking amazing. I never had as much fun with a moba before and since its glory days

    • Say what you will about the graphics but HoN’s sound design was absolutely on point.
      >Witchslayer bullet
      >Deadwood punch
      >Hammerstorm’s autos with ult on
      Basically every single character’s voice lines were memorable and well done too. Game had so much soul.

  2. I remember when they held the finals of their biggest tournament on a Basketball court.
    The ending ceremony was in the locker room.


    • My friend participated in a tournament or something at a dreamhack, but it was not a regular tournament but something like "The one that could get the most exp/m in 5 games" or something.
      They got 3’rd price or so, but never got their money.

  3. The designs on HoN heroes were so much superior compared to Dota 2.
    Dota 2 just did bad copies of the DotA 1 wc3 models while HoN actually did their own take on the heroes, and 99% of the times it was vastly superior.
    Both gameplay and design wise, like the feedback from Flint Beastwood’s ulti vs sniper.

    • HoN beta was a carbon copy of Dota 1 and they had icefrog’s blessing. But iirc they had to slightly change everything when he went to work for valve.

      • >But iirc they had to slightly change everything when he went to work for valve.
        You do not recall correctly. HoN had almost carbon copied the character’s fuctions, but changed pretty much every character to be something unique in appearance, all of this way way before valve doing dota 2 was even a thought.

    • HoN was fun but let’s be real; it was basically a 1:1 copy of dota1, almost all the original heroes were unbalanced garbage.

      But I still want to go back and play Nomad, fuck me I’ll never have as much fun with a MOBA ever again.

      • Yeah but they still did such a better job at making small changes than Dota 2 did. Like removing RNG bullshit with bashes and such, giving unique cool flavor to abilities like allowing Glacius(Crystal maiden) to freeze her own ability, making snipers shrapnel more bursty and useful, Lina/pyromancer attacks and spells doing a small dots on enemies.

        Lots of cool stuff like that.

  4. My first experience with HoN was a free weekend. I realised I couldn’t hack it in actual matches and didn’t wanna bring my teams down, so I joined a "noobs only" custom game. It turned out the enemy team was a bunch of high level veterans who mercilessly stomped us and told us to kill ourselves. I wasn’t super discouraged so I tried again, joined another "noobs only" lobby… and the same thing happened.

    This was so long ago and I still remember it.

  5. I really like how both League and even Dota2 took ideas from HoN
    Clockwerk finally gets circular cogs like Pharoah
    Target vector abilities get added in
    Now when the fuck is Deadwood being ported into dota

  6. >game displayed your fucking KD/A during draft
    I loved the game but this was just so retarded, it just made it so everyone played extremely selfish just to boost their own KD/A. And you were forced to just pick the most dumb KD/A boosting heroes if you wanted to pick carries.

  7. >hardcore
    Its kinda in conflict with the reality of the genre. The true lightning in a bottle of mubas was season 3 LoL. Fast casual fun to play for 20 minutes and forget.

  8. Any good MOBAs?
    I actually liked HotS since it dropped the last hitting mechanic. Been playing Pokemon Unite too ltely but it’s a bit too simple.
    Should I just suck it up and learn DotA or LoL?

  9. >Mechanically superior to both LoL and Dota2
    >original heroes are fun as fuck and creative
    >taunts and smackdowns
    It’s literally the best Asshomosexuals that ever came out. I can’t play Dota2, I feel gimped by turn rates and sluggish controls.

  10. i got into so many verbal throwdowns with my friends over this game whenever one of us would fuck up, friendships were literally ruined


  12. Anyone remember that HoN championship tournament in the basketball court? It was the cringiest shit ever with the players walking through smoke from darkness and the announcer sounding like a complete homosexual

  13. MOBAs are a shit genre that eventually get ruined balance-wise. If league was still the same game from 2012 i’d probably still play it

    • I’d argue it’s a fine genre that’s over shadowed with years of horrible business models, balancing skewed by skin sales and decade old bugs not being addressed only to be pushed with monthly champ releases adding more to the spaghetti code. If League’s bullshit peaked at Camille, season 9 it would be fine.
      But as of now, champs revive other champs, here’s a Drake that gives you a Sion passive and increased stats, bloated weapons, bloated kits, skins that make tons of spells hard to read or notice.

      I miss old Smite, League, Dota, Dota 2, HoN,Gigantic was shitty but fun, HoTs is okay as a casual niche game (sometimes).

      The genre can work if there was a fully realized game with a set amount of characters that isn’t overwhelming or sparse (whether it be actual space or homosexualgy METAS).

      And lastly, fuck metas.

  14. Probably the ugliest game ever made. Completely unreadable with smears of gas and aura everywhere. Just an awful, awful game visually. There was a lot of love for the mechanics but my god was it ugly.

  15. Great game for awhile, but funny enough, I think adding too many heroes to the game made it less enjoyable to play. Also Sandwraith, represent.

  16. started playing again and it still fun. They’ve updated the map and the client and its looks pretty good for a 10+ year old game imo

    • They fucked up the monetizing so hard. Even the backpedaling into free2play was done so shittily, what the fuck was that early access shit to a hero?

          • Flux and Scout were honestly my favorite heroes in any game like this. It’s a shame once they started cranking out heroes every two weeks or some shit they just started putting out increasingly gimmicky and complicated concepts instead of sticking to the simple but fun designs that all their best original heroes had. This game was glorious in its glory days.

  17. >Friday during highschool, a new patch with a new hero incoming
    >Round up the boys and hop on skype
    >The servers don’t work for the whole evening like usual
    Those were the times…

  18. Gameplay was fun but the community and devs were so toxic it was impossible to play. Its one thing to shitpost in chat and another to make every single match impossible without someone trying to kill their own team.

    • >have an actual games studio with actual employees and a real budget
      >put all your efforts into perfecting a WC3 custom map instead of making a real time strategy game with a good editor
      this is so disgraceful


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