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    there’s your leaked houser gta6 script you’re welcome

  2. I don’t know what happened with Dan Houser. He’s clearly capable of writing well but he’s only done it twice–GTA IV and Max Payne 3–then never again. It’s like he had a four-year period in his life where he actually gave a shit and did his best.

  3. I think with him and Benzies leaving, GTA6 is probably in developer’s hell. At this point R* should just pull a Vavle and stop realising new games.

  4. the Housers were never the "talent" at Rockstar, so probably not a whole lot.

    The talent left with Benzies when he took like 100 senior / vetran employees with him.

    • then why did they make their best games when benzies wasn’t involved?
      >benzies was the talent trust me guys!
      >benzies directed gta 5 why dont you like it
      >*brain stops working*

      also dan houser wrote and acted as creative director for every rockstar game.

        • both of the housers used to turn up and go on a tyrade from what previous devs have said – not really so much of a ‘suit’ but people you literally never want to interact with.

        • houser should’ve given up writing long ago and hired some competent writers, instead he treated those games like his vanity projects and they suffered for it. worst kind of ceo is the one who refuses to delegate.

          • >houser should’ve given up writing long ago
            His best written game is RDR2. The last game he ever wrote. Also, he never wrote 100% of the game. All radio stations were written by Lazlow, for example.

          • Houser’s idea of writing is paraphrase lifting things out of movies to narrowly avoid copyright… literally every single GTA and RD game has direct lifts from movies in both dialogue, actors and set pieces.

          • Houser is a fucking hasbin’ mate. You’re never going to see anything good out of his or Beznies’ companies and Sam isn’t going to do fucking shit other than continue to milk GTA:O – you’re never going to see another game from Rockstar North that’s worth talking about.

          • Every single Rockstar game falls apart once you actually watch the movies it rips off. These "games" are literally just scene after scene of "Hey, it’s that one movie but worse in every conceivable way!" in between hours of holding a button and listening to the generic nihilistic protagonist trade predictable monologues with their various but equally boring cuhrazee sidekicks, then a mandatory on-rails shooting section with braindead AI and no gameplay freedom. Such a shame. They have so much potential yet they piss it all away.

          • >see rockstar kiddies raving about rdr2
            >play it
            >chapter 2 has some of the worst writing I’ve ever seen in a game
            >it’s literal loony toons shit
            >gang gets found out so they genocide the population of the town
            >ends with the gang walking down to the mansion to literally exterminate everyone there (wild bunch ripoff)
            >rockstar kiddies keep posting pics of them walking screaming ‘KINO KINO KINO’
            literally the most unearned finale to a chapter I’ve ever seen, so God damn stupid

          • I’ve been planning to make a video where I play a dozen clips from RDR 2 and gush about the gradual character development throughout the whole game, then reveal those clips were all out of order and taken from the same hour. It feels like five different people wrote Arthur and they all had very different interpretations of who they wanted him to be. It aims for complexity but just comes off as schizophrenia.

          • He wasn’t the only writer for their HD games (i.e the story focused ones). Michael Unsworth and Rupert Humphries have writing credits on all of the HD GTA games, both RDRs and Max Payne 3, so he did hire other people.

      • do you mean RDR2? Lots of turn over happened between GTAV to RDR2 launch. idk if the number that guy said, 100 people, was factual or not but lots of senior devs did leave with Benzies departure between RDR2 and GTA5 including some of the core RAGE engineers.

        Benzies was in charge of R* North, the studio behind GTA and has been in the ‘Producer’ role since GTA3? (Someone correct me if I’m wrong on that).

        His departure, along with the "100 senior people" (didnt know it was that many? maybe it is, maybe it isnt…) the departures though are probably why GTAV is a disaster (technically speaking very hard to maintain with all current exploits)

        Studios a shit show though. R* North refused to do the GTA5 port to PS5 and R* India is handling 95% of it.

        • i mean gta 3 and san andreas, but yes also RDR 2.
          I don’t care about engineers leaving. Pretty much all the leads stayed behind when benzies left. Rockstar has an entire studio in San Diego dedicated to RAGE development/engine support.

          GTAV was a disaster even when Leslie was there. The game couldn’t even keep a reliable internet connection and would often freeze on loading screens. It only got fixed after leslie left ironically.

          • benzies was producer on gta 3, vice city, san andreas, liberty city stories, vice city stories and gta 4… as the head of the studio, rockstar dundee / dma design / rockstar (north) edinburgh… (depending on what game you’re talking about) so he was involved in their best work…? maybe im being retarded here

          • You’re wasting your breath, most people are retarded and think producer is some irrelvant minor role when the producer in most cases outranks the director and can choose how involved or not he wants to be. For example Sakaguchi was still developing game systems for games he was producer for.

          • Dan Houser was executive producer, lead writer, creative director on all their games.

            The producer is simply the person that makes sure shit gets done on time, they don’t get a say on the direction of the game.

          • You are being retarded. Dan Houser had creative roles since Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto 2.

          • How long is the loading now after that fan patch they paid $10,000 for to optimise the boot process?

            The fact GTA:O isn’t a standalone install on PC is a fucking joke.

        • it doesn’t really matter, the studios are too big now to have any character. The CEOs and workers are basically interchangeable. They’ll just do the usual middle-of-the-road AAA game thing from now on, pander to twitter and journos, make a polished soulless game, and make a lot of money

          • That’s probably why you constantly see these CEOs leaving giant studios they started in their basements. I respect people that are satisfied with having enough money and just decide to start a small project.

        • GTA5 was fine from a technical standpoint, doubt GTA Online was made by the main studio and even then it was probably an afterthought in the beginning. It took the disaster that Cyberpunk was for people to appreciate how much clever tech went in GTAV’s open world.

          • GTA:O was made in-house by Rockstar North as an after thought. House didn’t care for GTA:O, North wanted a multiplayer component.

        • >Studios a shit show though. R* North refused to do the GTA5 port to PS5 and R* India is handling 95% of it.

          Suddenly it makes sense why Expanded and Enhanced looks like it’s riddled with bugs. Cheap indian labour.


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